Cat (willowisp) wrote,

This and That

I spent about three hours today doing nothing but petting and spoiling Gail. She seemed happy enough, but the second I let Heidi out Gail hissed, growled, and spent the rest of the day under our bed. I don't think Andy's seen her at all today, unless she came out after he went to bed. I hope she's just feeling cranky and this isn't indicative of a more serious problem.

I did some work on the room, mostly little things, and got some laundry done. I was running late such that I didn't get to Clark's until 6:45. I'd almost pondered not going since it was so late, but it's a good thing I did. Monica was busy with a lot of adoptions (When I walked in I saw a guy with a carrier and a tabby kitten inside. I asked who it was and it turned out to be Cutie, Heidi's sister. Now only Lovie is left from that litter. Fran, the little calico, is also gone. I'm surprised it took this long; she is one of those cats who is colored in such a way that anyone going on looks alone would be drawn to her. I expected she'd be adopted within twenty-four hours, if not twelve), so she hadn't been able to feed the swarm. I did that while she talked to some more prospective adopters.

Afterward I went to Wal-Mart to get the prettier baby gate, after Andy checked and made sure he could drill in the light well walls. I forgot to bring yesterday's baby gate, so I'll have to return it some other time. I also got everything on Andy's and my list and, despite playing the "pick up, head off, second thought and put back" repeatedly, ended up getting only one thing which wasn't on my list. Of course, it was only not there because I'd forgotten to write it down.

We got Heidi's collar/harness/leash yesterday, and within hours she had the collar off (I still need to find it). After much digging (Why is it so hard for Wal-Mart customers to put things back where they belong? Yeesh, there were several inches' worth of collars on the shelf floor) I found the sole remaining 8" cat collar in the store. It has a bow on it, but we can live. I can't wait until the picture goes up so I can link to it. I don't think Heidi has forgiven me yet; she's pointedly been a daddy's little kitten all night. I think maybe next time I'll have Andy put the collar on. I hope her tags come soon.
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