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I stayed up way too late last night (like 03:30 too late) and therefore slept almost until noon. Then I let Heidi out and she did cute lap kitty things until Andy got home even earlier than usual. I hadn't marinated the chicken last night so we were thinking of going out, but he'd mentioned just yesterday how tired he was of restaurant food. While I was taking my shower I came up with an idea or two; I could make do with stuff we had around the house, or I could grocery shop or pick up take-out on the way back from feeding the kitties.

I went and fed the kitties, though I suspect someone had already done so. There were empty paper plates when I got there and, while the kitties swarmed, they weren't nearly as assertive as they usually are when being fed (as if I've experienced it more than three or four times already, yeesh). Forrest (from yesterday's entry) has been adopted. I hope it was the nice lady from yesterday who got him. Afterward I went to Wild Oats to try it out and I found some saffron rice, so I decided to see if Andy might like paella. We've made it before, just not for a long while.

Once I was done there I went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff Wild Oats doesn't carry, including a baby gate for our light well (described by Toby as a cat-owner's nightmare). I had thought of getting a really pretty wooden one, but it said it needed a drill to install. When Andy and I had looked at latticework I thought he'd said he couldn't drill there, so I went with a not-so-pretty one with white slats. Andy thinks he can drill, so tomorrow I'll go exchange it.

The paella turned out ok, but not great. We'll have to experiment with this stuff; in NC the saffron rice we got was over-spiced while here it was basically rice and saffron.
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