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Here there be pictures

I woke up at about 09:00 and saw Gail sitting on the edge of the bed. On impulse I pulled her over by me. Usually she sits there for a few seconds then gets up and leaves. This morning she sat there for a few seconds while I scritched her, then got up ... and changed her mind. For the next two hours she only got up long enough to shift positions. She was purring almost the whole time and she groomed me a few times. I had just awakened from a nightmare where her personality had changed to that of my mom's evil cat, Noia, and that she'd started using alternatives to her litterbox to alert us of her displeasure. I am so glad my dreams have never once turned out to be prophetic.

I got up and let the kitten out, and then I began doing a bunch of the work I should have started a week ago. When looking for some of my medication I'd removed everything from the medicine cabinet and just left it there. We now have a counter in between the two sinks. I also began where Andy had left off in doing laundry. I still need to put a bunch of the clean stuff away, and I have a Master Plan for how to use our dresser drawers. Now to implement it.

Gail and Heidi almost had a breakthrough this morning. Heidi trotted up to Gail and both started sniffing each other, with nary a sound from Gail. Then Heidi sneezed, Gail growled and backed up, and it was over. I read some LJs and otherwise puttered around, then put Heidi in her room because she kept eating Gail's food. The first two times I took her up to her room and put her in front of her own food dish, but she immediately ran downstairs and began chomping on Gail's again. The third time I closed the door. Then opened it and tossed her back in and shut it again.

While Heidi was in time out I took my shower, got dressed, and went over to tell Toby about Heidi. When I got to the part about Heidi falling asleep in my lap, Toby said "That sneak!". Then I came back home and began tackling the kitchen. It looks quite a bit better now though, like our room, it still needs some work. Andy got home and there was much rejoicing.

Andy decided to pull out the kitty fishing pole, and suddenly Gail and Heidi found a common ground. There were only a few growls from Gail, notably when Heidi, after a fairly acrobatic leap, landed on Gail. It was fun watching Gail keep trying to feign indifference while that kitten thing was around, and then completely forgetting herself after a few swoops of the feathers.

We decided that while Andy exercised I'd go visit Kitty City. Before going into the pet store, however, I got some pictures. Andy had commented about how pretty the mountains looked under the ominous clouds, so I snapped a few. I also got some neat rainbow pictures into the bargain, and some pictures of rain happening elsewhere. I don't know if Andy has put them on gallery yet (since gallery is still in NC, it takes a long time to load pictures and our network goes very slowly while the load is going on), but once he does I'll post a link.

Of the new kittens who arrived recently, my favorites are Dr Zhivago (Dr Z for short), a dark gray or pale black kitten with white markings, and Freida, an orange cat with white markings. I also still adore Trent but I'm not so enthralled with his sister, Chloe. Anyway, another woman was there looking at the kitten her husband had fallen in love with, a 6-8 month-old Oreo kitty named Forrest. She had fallen for Trent, and I don't blame her. Anyway, Dr Z climbed onto my shoulder and settled down, firelizard-like. The woman was kind enough to snap a picture, though I'm not telling if/where it is.

Monica showed up just after the woman had to leave for dinner. I showed her the pictures of Gail and Heidi playing and she was very happy to see them. She discovered that poor Dr Z is sick; he has two patches of bare skin, one under his eye and one behind the same ear. She thinks it may be ringworm, so he had to go home with her. Poor little guy. She also showed me what to feed the kitties for evening treat since she won't be able to be there tomorrow and she asked if I'd help out. The kitties have dry food available all day, and get canned food in the evening. I should get a picture of how the little critters swarm; it's really amazing.

I brought home an application to be a volunteer. I've discussed it with Andy, and a few things are making it look like it's doable. The first is that Clark's closes at 19:00 (and earlier on Sunday, I believe), so I can never be there later than that. I would only want to volunteer in evenings, not daytime, so Andy having the car at work won't be a problem. Andy's biggest concern is that I might get so swept up in it that I have no time for him, but that one neatly falls under point the first. I guess I'll see if I survive The Feeding tomorrow.
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