Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Resuming Life

Today I sort of fell back into a routine, in that I went grocery shopping on a Sunday. I brought home goodies and cooked dinner. We ate on our new dishes which had arrived when Andy was at Siggraph and drank Martinelli's to celebrate the fact that Whole Foods now carries it.

Heidi is still in the spare bedroom, and has been eating, drinking, and using her litterbox. Like Gail, she is not only unafraid of the Littermaid but quite fascinated by it. We brought her downstairs so she could explore a bit, and she seemed to have fun. I also put Gail and Heidi in the spare room. Gail hissed and growled, but didn't make a move toward Heidi and actually retreated when Heidi approached. Later, when Heidi was exploring downstairs, Gail came down. She slowly approached Heidi until both were touching noses, then backed up and began the growling and hissing again. Gail seems to be handling it well, though, cuddling up at every excuse and not doing anything nasty like refusing to use the litterbox.

Tomorrow Andy goes back to work, and I should try to get all of the non-routine stuff (unpacking and re-arranging and such) done so I can start resuming a routine. I may also stop by Kitty City to see if Thena's memorial is up yet, and maybe to take pictures of the room itself.
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