Cat (willowisp) wrote,

One Day More

I slept too late today, mostly because I stayed up so late working on stuff last night. I petted Gail a whole bunch, at her insistence. I didn't get much else done, but I'm ok with what I did. I will try to get quite a bit done tomorrow, but Andy and I have decided that the most important thing to do is get Gail to a vet. I'm first and foremost hoping the vet could give an educated guess as to what happened to Thena, be it heart attack (unavoidable), insect bite (call in the exterminators), poisonous plant (hang it up where Gail can't reach), trouble acclimating (get ideas on how to make sure Gail drinks enough, etc) or something I would never have imagined. Secondly, I can get her medical history into their records, and third, kitties have to be licensed in ABQ, but nowhere on the web site do they say where the office is. However, a vet can supply me with the proper forms.

I decided to try to get to dinner at a decent time tonight, and got ready to leave. An hour later I actually grabbed my keys and couldn't find my IDs. Now, we have some cash which I could have used, but I don't like driving without my license -- probably a lot to do with growing up with a cop for a dad. Anyway, I scoured the apartment and looked in the car. I didn't bother checking my pants because the pockets are so shallow that losing my IDs has become somewhat routine when I wear them. Finally, after banging around for two hours, having checked every flat surface and every square inch of exposed floor as well as the car and garage, I finally got into the car, sat down, and figured out exactly where the IDs might fall given angle and such, and voila. Andy had called twice while I was at dinner, and when he called the third time I was ready. I asked if he minded if I tossed the pants and got a bunch from Land's End (whose pockets are really good), and he said "go for it". Until we can do so I'll just stick with the few Land's End pairs I have.

Andy comes home tomorrow! His plane lands at 19:25. Now if only I can find the directions to the airport. Actually it's blindingly easy, except I need to know which I-40 to take (east or west) and which I-25 to take (north or south). Hopefully I'll find my cheat-sheet. I have a welcome home/congratulations gift for him. I had put it in motion before Tuesday, and I can't see any reason not to give it to him. Anyone who wants to know before he gets home please e-mail me -- I can't say here because he might read it.
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