Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Thanks to everyone who replied to my post from earlier today, and to those who called. I'm still stunned as to the suddenness of it all -- there was just absolutely no indication anything was wrong until she fell. I'm definitely somewhere in the shock and denial stages of grief, and I keep thinking I hear her getting ready to say something.

Andy and Mom are as devastated as I am. Mom took care of Thena while I was in college. She wrote e-mail saying how much she loved when Thena would sit on her book or play with her pen, which she always took as a sign that it was time to stop homework for the night. Pamela also called and mentioned what a good kitty Thena was -- she'd always joked around about Thena before, and I think this is the first time she ever called Thena good. Thena was everything we could hope for in a cat. All I can do is hope that somewhere in heaven she's eating chicken marinated in tuna juice, and dividing her time between curling up with Mandy and sitting in Grandpa's lap.

The furniture arrived today. It's extremely bittersweet, since my whole reason for wanting a couch so much was so that Thena could curl up in my lap properly. Although she did curl up in my lap in the computer chair on Sunday night, she rarely did so otherwise. On the other hand, when Andy used to play Final Fantasy and I'd sit and watch from the comfy chair or couch, she always played lap-kitty. Andy has to give his Siggraph talk tomorrow, so please think good thoughts or send prayers or whatever his way. Gail was her usual adorable self as she explored the entertainment center, and made me laugh several times today. We really got lucky with our two kitties -- I just wish I'd had longer than eleven years with Foo.
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