Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Siggraph Widowhood, Day III

I slept until the phone rang. It was the furniture guys giving the window for furniture delivery on Tuesday: 15:00-17:00. I got up and noodled around for a while, and then got a UPS delivery. In April we went to a craft show with Andy's parents and ordered some dishes. The artist had said she couldn't start them for nearly three months, which was fine with us since back then we had no idea where we'd be in three months. Those dishes arrived today. They are very pretty, and we won't need styrafoam peanuts for a long, long time.

Then I finally had the bright idea to check my door to see if whatever I was supposed to be looking for had come and gone. It had, in fact, so I finally showered and dressed and got over to the rental office just as it was closing. It turned out to be very pretty housewarming flowers from Mom and Pamela. It looks like three of the plants (ivy, possibly a rainbow plant, and one other I can't identify) may be transplantable, if I don't manage to kill them off with my brown thumb. They had come at 09:00, so even if I'd gotten to bed on time I probably would have slept through the knocking.

Andy logged onto NeverMUSH from Siggraph and we chatted for a while. I told him how much the kitties and I miss him, and also went over what had happened today. Oh, lest I forget: as I was heading back to my apartment from retrieving the flowers I encountered a man in an Equity shirt. I asked him if he was the Victor equivalent and, while he says he's not sure he's the best in the world, he is a maintenance worker. Then he asked if I was the new move-in, and when I said "yes" he mentioned that he was moving and asked if he could have some of the boxes on our back porch. I told him he was welcome to, and that if he needed packing paper he should take the boxes which aren't broken down. He'll probably jump the fence to get them tomorrow.

I went out for Chinese again and discovered that I really need to do so before 20:30 -- the first place I stopped out was still open, but only for take-out. Maybe I'll try them tomorrow. Instead I went to a place near where we bought our furniture. Their won-ton soup was fairly elaborate, and if I'm guessing correctly I tried bok choi tonight for my first time. Overall it was good, and I'll definitely be taking Andy back there. If it seems like I'm having Chinese a lot, there's a good reason. Andy asked me to explore the various Chinese restaurants while he was gone. I'm just being a dutiful wife ;).

I'm almost done getting things ready for the furniture guys. I'll probably break down the computer and cable-modem setup once I'm done with this entry, and then just hope that I can put them together again. Thena and Gail look a bit unhappy about the sudden shift of stuff, but that hasn't stopped them from playing in the box from the dishes. I can't wait until we have the couch and entertainment center and media case.
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