Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Siggraph Widowhood, Day II

I was up and showered and dressed when my two cousins arrived. We're calling ourselves cousins since it's too much work to figure out how we're actually related. Originally it was going to be Marene and Tom (the parents), Tautra (one of the twin daughters) and Tautra's SO, Brian. It turned out that the person who knocked on the door was Joel (pronounced Joelle), the other twin. We headed over the Marene and Tom's and chatted for a while. A friend of Joel's showed up and was very pleasant to talk with, but Brian never did. He, like Andy, is currently a leper, though he's further along in the process.

For brunch we had baked potatoes, ham, and applesauce, with the appetizingly-named pink glop (red Jell-o, Cool Whip, and bananas) for desert. The baked potatoes were done on the grill and were really good, even if the bottoms were a bit crunchy. It turns out that while Marene (and I believe Tautra) are allergic to wheat in much the same way I am, Joel is actually Celiac. We talked a lot about food allergies and a bit about the family. The reason their side and ours are kind of out-of-touch is that Grandpa was way younger than his brothers and sisters -- in fact, I believe I was once told that one of his nieces was his teacher in high school. Since Grandpa was so much younger he wasn't as close to his siblings as he might have been. Mom had met Marene before while visiting Aunt Marta, Grandpa's sister who died about a week before he did.

After we talked for a while I headed out toward home and, since it was directly en route, stopped at Whole Foods. I almost got some vegan mayonnaise until I read the ingredients and saw mustard on the list. Poot. I got more elixir of life and some very nice fruit and veggies, then went home. I stopped briefly on the way because Petco was advertising an adopt-a-thon, so I had to look. Luckily there were no Biancas there to jump out and capture my heart. Then I came home and began getting some things shuffled around for when furniture guys come on Tuesday and went out for Chinese for dinner. The place was fairly good, though I don't think I'll go so far as to stop looking and declare it ours. They give out a small custard tart along with the traditional (at least in the US) fortune cookie. I paid for it an hour or so later, but it was so nice having Chinese custard again -- it reminded me of Dim Sum goodness when we were close to our friends in the Bay Area. Thank goodness for Immodium.

I got e-mail from Mom telling me to stay home on Monday and I'd see why. I could not resist the temptation to nail one of the five-cup crosswords to the wall (We are the champions, we are the champions!) and stayed up rather later than I meant to, despite the kitties' best efforts to lure me upstairs at a decent hour.
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