Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Slow Day

For Christmas of 2001, Andy's parents gave me a hand-cranked pasta maker; the type where the box markings and the first set of instructions are in Italian. Luckily there was an English translation in the instructions, and the recipe was incredibly easy: two cups of flour and three eggs. It wasn't hard to figure out, and once I did it was a lot of fun cranking out the pasta, with Andy enjoying the results (As a side note, one day I returned from something or other to find kitten prints in some of the dough sheets waiting to be cut. I took pictures). Those who've followed this journal know what's coming next, but for those just joining us: Murphy happened. In June of 2002 I was diagnosed with serious wheat allergies and severe egg allergies. After a few disastrous attempts at making wheat and egg-free pasta I regretfully shelved the machine. Andy got used to gluten-free pastas to the point where he requests corn noodles in some recipes and rice noodles in others.

The other day as we were unpacking we came across the pictures of Gail's exploits, and Andy mentioned how much he missed fresh pasta. So, when I went to Whole Foods on Sunday, I got some Durham Semolina flour (I love their selection of stuff you just can't get in a grocery store) and some eggs. As noted in yesterday's entry, I was too busy running errands to make the noodles yesterday (Andy didn't know what I was plotting, just that I was plotting), so we went out. Today I made noodles. And not much else. I imagine that if I did so more often it wouldn't be an all-day job, but for now it is. I also discovered that I need a lot more liquid in the noodles (next time I may just go with four eggs). I'm not sure if it's just because of the arid-ness here or if it's also a function of altitude, but in NC the recipe was usually too runny, while here it was too dry and crumbly.

Then I melted butter in the wrong pan, so instead of my usual chicken Parmesan I made merlinofchaos's recipe for chicken Parmesan. It has flour, eggs, and bread crumbs so it's off-limits for me, but I've decided I like chicken better plain when tomato sauce is involved. While I was baking it our little darling tried to get up onto the counter top. She hooked her little paws on a bunch of the cut pasta, which isn't very good as an anchor. Even though we lost some noodles in the process, the look on her face was priceless. Poor little Widget.

Afterward I did crossword puzzles and half-watched the science shows Andy was enjoying. I managed to nail one of the 5-cup puzzles and went back to hammer on the 4-cup one which had frustrated me (it's called Crosswords for the Work Week, and uses a coffee cup rating system). After getting the 4-cup one I've decided not to go any further until I've gone back and solved all of the old puzzles I stopped doing after one or two tries.
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