Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Of lightning, sprinkles, and double rainbows

Andy stayed home today and telecommuted. His boss recommended he do so because, in the boss's words, Andy would get more done from there. Andy is sharing an office smaller(!) than the one he had at UNC because summer interns have taken all the good offices. As I understand it, he's in a trailer, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I had to run errands (fax yet another document to the non-local CU, deposit some checks in the local CU, transfer and fill some prescriptions).

It started out smoothly. I went to the pharmacy and turned in the old bottles. She mentioned they'd have to order in Andy's, but that they'd arrive tomorrow. I knew the transfer would take a while, which is why I stopped there first. I then drove over to Kinko's and faxed the paperwork, then went to the local CU. They had a Time magazine with an article about Harry Potter, so for amusement I read it, then deposited the checks. Then I checked out a place I'd be itching to; Hobby Lobby. My first impression is that Hobby Lobby is what Michael's wants to be when it grows up. I even found a treasure chest which we may use for geocaching finds. I also got Andy a really neat piece of sueded paper to see if it's any good for folding. The sueded papers are really vibrant and pretty. Then I decided to check out a pet store, and browsed for quite a while. They had none of the all-sisal kitty trees we want, but they did have a carpeted ladder. I think it'd be cute to get that for Thena (declawed), so she can get up as high as Gail (with claws) will when we get the tree.

I figured by then the prescription should be filled, so I went back. When the pharmacist saw me she apologized and said she'd been swamped and just called Jim in Chapel Hill. I decided to stay there, and I took a slow tour of the store. By the time I got back she had my prescriptions ready, and by some miracle the insurance card worked. As this means no bloody wrestling with COBRA I was very happy. Andy will pick up his on the way home from work tomorrow.

When I got home Andy noted that since it was so late maybe we should go out. This was good for two reasons: the chicken wasn't quite thawed, and the project I had planned on doing before entering the Pharmacy Zone directly related to dinner. Andy has been wanting to go to a Mexican place whose name I've already forgotten (not Garcia's, but it begins with a G. Maybe something like Garduno's?). Given my sensitivity to spices I was hesitant, but I decided to give it a try. En route we stopped at CompUSA and then meandered over to Circuit City or vice-versa. I saw some walkie-talkies there and finally remembered to mention my idea of getting a pair of them so when we go on more strenuous hunts we can keep in touch -- especially given how easily I get lost.

The nice waiter brought out a sample of the beef for me to see if it was too spicy. Alone it was, but I ordered it with sour cream and cheese. I discovered that I still like refried beans, but I really like plain rice better. Andy got no beans and double rice. I think next time I'll get no rice and double beans. It looks like there are a few options for me now, including bean and cheese combinations, or meat if enough sour cream is supplied. A really yummy cake made from corn meal, corn, heavy cream, and a tiny bit of sugar was included in my dinner. It removed any of the sting the spices may have left.

On the way there it sprinkled as we were walking from one computer-type chain to the other and we both saw lightning. As we left the restaurant I saw a rainbow and pointed it out to Andy. He was driving, so he couldn't look immediately, and by the time he could I'd realized it was a double rainbow. Both of them were fairly vivid as far as rainbows go. There was one strange thing, though -- although the rainbows were, like all of the other doubles I've seen, mirror images, these were separated by quite a distance. All of those I've seen before were always back to back. It was neat and happily got songs from The Muppet Movie into my head. I suggested watching it when we got home, but Andy reminded me that the box with our VHSes is currently posing as a makeshift TV stand.
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