Cat (willowisp) wrote,

RIP Nordic Track

When we moved to North Carolina, Andy brought with him a Nordic Track he had had at school. Time passed, and between him and me we broke it. His parents no longer used theirs, so they sent it to us. By then I was taking evening walks, but Andy really started working out and he broke the second one. He was, however, due to a keen eye and a creative streak, able to rig up a bubble-gum and rubber band fix. Even with that it was fading. Andy hadn't had a chance to begin using it again when we got here, and with all the work he was doing unpacking he really didn't need to. Today, though, after a day of sitting at work, he lugged it out and found out that the rubber bands had snapped. He's managed to apply more gum and some paper-clips, and he thinks he may be able to keep it alive until he goes to Siggraph.

I'm not sure if Andy plans on journalizing about his first day, so I'll keep my bit short. He got his badge, got a thingy for our car so the nice men in green won't use their big guns on him. He had way too much information tossed his way, but also got some URLs and other references so he can catch up at his leisure. Meanwhile, I overhauled the kitchen, got a bunch of stuff into a home or into the trash, and also set up the kitties' fountain upstairs and their Littermaid upstairs. After dinner I went to Wal-Mart and got enough garbage bags to last us for a while, some scrub brushes of different varieties, magnets for Andy, and miscellaneous groceries.
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