Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Lazy Sunday

Andy got most of the spare room done today -- there are only two or three boxes which need to be dealt with. He nixed my idea of putting them on the area outside the window, though. Then we went out to lunch and to Staples to get a conference table for him to use as his computer desk in the spare room. I helped him get it upstairs, then it was my turn for errands.

I palmed his driver's license and went to fax both his and ours to our CU upstate so they'll change our address. Then I headed over to the Black Hole^W^WWhole Foods and spent a few hours (or so it feels) doing a stock-up mission. Then I got home and dawdled around for a bit.

Andy's parents, for Christmas, gave me a really nice set of pots and pans. Unfortunately, due to lack of any space in our old apartment, I was never able even to so much as unpack them. Today I tried them out, and I'm hooked. Gluten-free pasta usually sticks much more readily than its wheat counterpart(s), but the rice spirals didn't. The pot handles and lid handle stayed cool -- I've had pots and pans which claimed that, but only this set has lived up to that claim. Color me happy.
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