Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy is still running a low-grade (as opposed to your premium high-end types, I suppose) fever, so I let him sleep in today. He looked so cute that I ended up cuddling with him. It was a nice drowsy way to spend time together -- I may have to make sure he has time to do it more often.

Most of the day I did random cleaning and such, nothing worth mentioning. When we went grocery shopping we detoured at a camera shop and bought a table-top tripod since my hands shake so much. I got some clearer pictures of the beads and the paperweight which have failed to be sold twice now and relisted them. It'll be interesting to see if the new pictures help. I'll also be able to take more pictures of my paperweights now, and Andy's marbles, which he has not yet lost despite some peoples' best efforts.

The walk happened, and the most exciting part was on round four convincing a kitty not to cross the parking lot and on round five seeing that it'd crossed another part of the parking lot despite my admonishments. Children.

Andy went to bed early, since tomorrow we're finally getting our car's air conditioning fixed. Last time he got the car to the shop at 08:00 and was the first person in, and we're trying to repeat that this time as well. The mechanic comes with extremely high recommendations with regards to honesty, and has quite a waiting list to match. We were happy with the way he handled our first trip, though, even if he charges a little more than some. He said the compressor was going but, unlike so many mechanics I've encountered, said it could last a week or for another three years. None of the "if this goes it'll put your car in danger of exploding" or other attempts to force us into immediate and costly repairs. Sadly the compressor decided for the "week" option, but hopefully by tomorrow afternoon the car will have a shiny new one.

I may start trying to go to bed earlier. Currently I'm pretty good at closing up and such around 01:00, and the meds I'm on insure that I fall asleep rather quickly, but Thena often has me up well before 09:00, and I could probably use more downtime. I may try 00:45 with an aim for 00:30 and then midnight, but with the heat recently I've been walking later and later, and I've come pretty close to just finishing at midnight. I think for now I'll work on the 00:45 part and worry later about pushing the time any earlier. This means that it's almost bedtime, so I'm off.
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