Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Events of Today

Today I didn't sleep in until noon, but I did dally about my oatmeal, coffee, and shower. Once I was finally done we headed out to order our new furniture. We're getting the carnivorous couch, which I consider "cocoa" in color, and a light oak entertainment center and bookcase. We held off ordering an end table, but if we decide to we have until the 28th to add it in -- delivery is on the 29th, and we have to give at least a day's notice to change the order. The furniture people offered us the deal where we have no payments/no interest for a year, and both Andy and I confirmed (repeatedly, with both salespeople) that we could pay it off before a year with no penalty. We'll take care of it once Andy has a few paychecks under his belt.

Our two salespeople were Richard, who'd helped us with the couch on Wednesday. It turned out that he's fairly new. We weren't too rough on him, though. On the oak side was Ben, who was obviously very-well prepared for anything we might have thrown at him. He had some really cool ideas, like taking a shelf from a bookcase to compare to other pieces of furniture (I also checked, and the display cabinet I hope to get someday will match the bookcase and entertainment center), and he let us inspect the extra shelves we're buying for the bookcase. It's a good thing he did, because the whole box had flaws. All except the very last piece, which Andy and Ben both somehow missed, so at least I made myself useful for a bit of the trip.

When we got home I put together a list of things I needed to do. There was chicken, rice, and Martinelli's to be gotten for dinner, kitty hammocks to procure, and a change of address to be faxed off to our CU in upstate along with photocopies of our driver's licenses. Of course I forgot Andy's DL, which made the last a moot point. I got safely to Whole Foods to get the chicken and rice, and also found a lunch bag for Andy. It keeps cold food cold and hot food hot (not at the same time), and the wonderful clerk was thoughtful enough to put the chicken and the buttermilk in the new lunch bag. This turned out to be a very important consideration.

I next went to Wal-Mart, having a bit of an adventure because I thought it was on the other side of the street. When I finally got there it turned out they didn't have the hammocks, but they did have the adhesive strips Andy needed. He had the incredibly good idea of buying a whiteboard for use by our phone, since the pads I tried to keep out kept migrating. I also decided to begin my Rubbermaid collection. Before we left I threw out or donated most of our storage containers, some of which had never been used. This time instead of buying a set with several containers I'll never use, I bought a base set and I'll add to it as I see which bowls I use best. I also got a flat scratching box for Gail, since she had well and truly worn her other one out before we moved. I'm especially happy with this one because it's made from recycled cardboard. Gail and Thena like it too -- I'll post pictures soon.

I've alluded to this before in my journal, and I've told some people this, but I have a lot of trouble with getting lost. The root cause appears to be something suspiciously akin to forms of dyslexia (it was informally diagnosed in college but I never followed up) which mess with the direction sense. I also transpose numbers more often than I like to think about and transpose letters when I'm very tired, but that's another story. I also cannot translate from maps into real space, and trying to do so invariably ends up frustrating me more than being lost. I've learned to compensate for this by learning areas really well and by a rather strange method: getting lost. Once I recognize a spot I remember how I got out of it the last time, and thus eventually I build up an alternative direction sense.

Today was no exception, and I got well and truly lost. I was usually on streets with familiar names, but on places I'd never driven to before. I finally got back on I-40 and got off at one of the street names with which I'm most familiar, but my (lack of) direction sense and experience worked against me, and I was positive I was supposed to turn left when I should have turned right. Actually it wasn't too bad, because I found a Wal-Mart supercenter which happened to be next to a Petsmart. This Wal-Mart didn't have the hammocks either, but the Petsmart did. Then, continuing in my going of the completely wrong way, I inadvertently found out how Andy will go to work on Monday -- take a right out of our complex, and onto the first intersection, and go straight until he sees the nice men in green with big guns.

Luckily I was able to turn around before having to face the MPs, and to make sure I wan't on some strange double-named road I backtracked and kept going until I reached very familiar territory. I let Andy know the complex directions to work, introduced the kitties to the scratching box, and discovered that the bag cooler does, indeed, work. I also discovered that fat-free buttermilk (the only type Whole Foods had) works in buttermilk chicken, although never ever ever use fat-free, low-fat, or low-salt cream of chicken soup. Then Andy and I continued in on our tradition of watching While You Were Out.
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