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I slept in until noon while Andy was busy with further unpacking. He finally found some old silverware we can use until our good stuff comes in via UPS. I'm glad now that I hadn't tossed it as I'd intended to. Andy had also gotten online and had signed us up for another IP address so I could use my computer to connect. I spent the morning catching up on Sluggy, User Friendly, and about 50 friends' entries, especially the saga of a kitten who got sick after I lost access. Luckily it sounds like the little guy will be ok. Andy meanwhile discovered that one of our components was acting up and went to Best Buy to get a new one. I had leftover Italian for lunch then went upstairs, only to become ensnared by cute rays emitted by Gail. I laid down next to her and began petting her, and for the first time in I don't know how long she groomed me. It was so cute, and is hopefully a sign that she's settling down.

By the time I'd finished showering Andy was home, the new component worked, and all was good. I decided to be responsible and looked up what I needed to do to surrender our license plate to NC. NY requires a $1.00 surrender fee, though that may've gone up in the seven years since I left NY. It turns out that all I needed to do was send the plate, so I dug through some boxes in the spare room until I found my packing stuff. I wrote a note and then started looking for stuff in which to mail the Japanese person's auction. I'd accidentally left the CD out when the movers were packing, and the first thing I'd done on Tuesday was found it. I couldn't find the 4"x4"x4" box I was sure I'd brought along, so I just grabbed some packing material and headed across the street to the grocery store with the USPS express store.

Along the way I stopped by a Mail Boxes Etc-type store and tried to buy a box, but he was out and I didn't have enough packing material to fill a box of twice the size. At the post office the boxes they had were just slightly too small. I got one of their padded envelopes, wrapped the CD in a layer of bubble wrap, then stuffed it in and took it up to the counter. The auction winner had asked me to send it global express, and I discovered why I'd never seen a global express envelope before -- they simply use the express mail one. I left them with the CD and our old NARFPOIT license plate, and I got a receipt. On the walk home I stopped by the across-the-street Dairy Queen; not to buy anything but to see if they had Mr. Misty. Andy really wanted one at an evil rest stop (story upon request), but they were out. It turns out that ours has it, a fact which Andy was happy to hear.

We are about ready to start eating in again, but for tonight we went to IHOP. I'd forgotten how good their food tastes, and our waitress was a riot. I pondered going to order our furniture since we were on the same street, but Andy noted why he hadn't in the past two days -- Richard, the salesperson who helped us so much, was off until Friday. We'll be going to order our furniture tomorrow, then. I'll be cooking our first real dinner here; buttermilk chicken. We're also hoping to get the apartment into a state in which we can photograph it. Andy's made a lot of progress unpacking, but it's still pretty much a mess. Our TV and stereo components are currently sitting on boxes from our CD cases.
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