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Cable-guy was due today, and I went on a mission to find Whole Foods. Andy had consulted a map and given me directions, but I had my own secret mission: to find that elusive Italian place. I went up the street parallel to the main one and did, indeed, come across it this time. Then I backtracked to the street Andy had told me to catch and entered the black hole which is Whole Foods. It is huge; much bigger than the one in NC. They even have iceberg lettuce, so I could technically do all of my grocery shopping there, something we'd agreed to try to do once we moved. I'll have to go to one of the grocery stores to get tomato puree and obscenely orange cheese crackers, but that's not a problem. The only sad part is that they don't have freshly-baked gluten-free (GF) things like the one in NC did. I'll miss the cream biscuits. They also didn't have the Jamaican Blue coffee which merlinofchaos recommended, so I got some shade-grown by small family collectives.

I had groceries which needed to be refrigerated and/or frozen, so I had to go more or less directly to the apartment. I followed a hunch, though, when I saw a familiar road, so I took the chance and took it. It turned out to be a much more direct route home. By the time I got home Rick the cable guy was here working on the cable. He finished and left, and we now have a very pretty digital cable picture. They're running a special of six months for the same price as normal cable with the option to cancel when the six months are up. They may well have hit on a great idea; Andy has found a lot of features which he likes, so we may well go with it once the six months are up. We needed to wait around for Rick to call with Andy's username and password, so we unpacked and foozled kitties and such.

Andy needed to run some errands, so I began the search for the sheets, looking at some boxes in the spare room. I found them and made the bed, then stashed the ill-fitting sheets in a garbage bag which was acting as a laundry bag. I then tossed down a bunch of boxes of bears. We don't really have room, so we're storing the bears and most of the books in our outdoor storage area. We're hoping that since it's so dry here there won't be the worry of them molding or mildewing. Then I began re-stacking the books so that the shelves we'd reserved for ourselves were easiest to get to, and managed to fit the bears in with a little room to spare. Andy was impressed when he got home, and he began trying to figure out how we'd deal with the sheets, and he noticed I'd found the pillowcases. I earned the title of "sneak" for that one.

Rick didn't call and didn't call so Andy finally called him and got the information. He began working on the connection and promptly ran into a brick wall. He called tech support and they were mystified, thinking perhaps a machine somewhere was down. They asked him to call back later, and he decided a break would be a good idea.

We decided to measure some CD and DVD cases to find out how much shelf space we'd need and then check the bookshelves we'd been looking at the night before. We also discovered how very carnivorous the rocker/recliner which match the couch was. Ah, bliss. I wanted to just hang out after closing and sleep on the chair. Andy talked me out of that one, and we decided to look at entertainment centers. I reminded Andy of something which I really liked about our old one, even if it was in pretty bad shape by the time Andy took it apart (Particle board, particle board, Doctor Skyfox hates particle board. They have a fight, Doc Skyfox wins, Doctor Skyfox). Ahem. Anyway, it looks like he'll go with a cart for the TV, and for the stereo components he'll get a shelving unit so everything is generally in easy reach. We also found out that while the oak store sells directly from its floor, the sofa folks have to order it, and it may take up to three weeks, although currently it's averaging 7-10 days.

We opted to try to find the Italian place again, and it looks like we've found our place. They have a separate GF menu. It's quite limited compared to the normal one, but finding a place which does GF at all is rare enough, let alone an Italian place since they rely so much on wheat. The sauce was a little on the hot side for me (which means a normal person wouldn't even notice it has spices, but I digress), and I may ask them to put mozerella on it next time by way of softening the bite. I also suspect the meatballs had eggs in them, a fact which I wouldn't blame the waiter for not knowing. Although both my wheat and egg allergies cause the same overall effects, I can generally tell which one caused it. It's hard to explain, but the egg one is more immediate and more virulent. The wheat one usually takes until the next day and is milder. Next time I'll ask him to ask the chef. I'll be sad if they have eggs since they were yummy, but my reaction to eggs is unfun enough to override how good the meatballs were.

When we got done with dinner we decided that we'd skip our third trip to Target and instead go back to the apartment. After much discussion with tech support Andy was told to call back in the morning and yell at accounting; apparently they often don't cross all the "t"s and dot all the "i"s to indicate a new customer has indeed paid. I was restless and didn't get to bed until 4am, but luckily it didn't take me too long to get to sleep.
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