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Tuesday began earlier than I wanted to acknowledge since the movers would be arriving at about 09:00. I showered, dressed, greeted them, and shared a Cinnabon with Andy. He had gone out and gotten for the workers from last night's mall, plus coffee for me. Ray and Ray Jr were joined by a very amusing local guy, but there was a problem. Our street was not large enough for their double-sized moving van. They went off to the local U-Haul to rent a truck, and brought our things in several loads from the strip mall across the street. We had to close the kitties in the spare bedroom, and I caught Thena handily. Gail went streaking down the stairs, and I got down to see an open front door. I looked around frantically and called, but couldn't find her. Andy finally did; she was cowering behind the toilet in the spare bathroom, terrified. Poor little thing.

Then I headed out to get the car inspected. I was driving along the main road (or so I thought, but more on that later), when suddenly a sign caught my eye: gluten-free meatballs. I was going too quickly to get the name of the restaurant, but I was definitely awake now. Anyway, there are about a zillion emissions inspection stations, so I just picked one and turned around. I saw something Andy and I had been looking for since Chapel Hill, an auto parts store. Andy had accidentally left the gas cap off at our final stop in Chapel Hill, so I got one there. Our car passed the emissions test handily.

I then decided to get lost^W^Wexplore a little. It started when I realized I was boxed in in a turn-only lane, so I took it. I found a much-needed gas station, then started looking for a pet store I vaguely remembered seeing in the area the night before. I never did find the pet store on Tuesday, but I found something else: furniture stores. We gave away our used-when-we-bought-it-six-years ago couch and chair before we left. I was looking specifically for an Aaron Rents or a Cort, which are both places which rent furniture, then sell it once it's been in use for a while. We got our original living room set from Aaron's in NC. I first stopped at a place which had a somewhat carnivorous couch for less than I'd expected from a retail place.

Then I found Sofa Mart&tm; further up the street. It had nigh on the ideal set I wanted; a truly carnivorous couch with human-made suede-like material which is just incredibly soft. It was $200.00 less than the almost-carnivorous couch at the other place. I figured I'd still look for Aaron's and Cort, but if they didn't pan out I knew where I'd be looking. A very nice person named Richard answered a few questions and gave me his card, which included the address of the place, which is very good given my sieve of a memory. I left and stopped at another place, Mor, which had the exact same couch for just about the same price. I also found a singularly unimpressive Aaron's, so that was one place eliminated.

I then spent a long time being rather lost, though not the panicked sort of lost. I saw some places of interest, but I have no idea how to get back to them, so it's good I can't remember what they were. Anyway, I found a street name I recognized and began following it, and ended up at Albuquerque's AAA office. I went in and got Andy's and my membership transferred to NM. They were much nicer than the one in NC, which made me start over after having been in AAA since 1990 or so. It doesn't give any particular benefits, but I liked having been a member for a while and was irked to start over. Plus my AAA from NJ hadn't expired, but they wouldn't let me carry over my membership. The people in NM allowed me to do so, which is good since we'd renewed in May. I had to call Andy since he had my card and we needed info from it, and I also mentioned that I'd be coming home since I knew where I was now. The nice AAA lady, Barb, gave me some Albuquerque maps as well as my new member packet.

Andy had asked me to bring lunch, so I was happy to see that the Target closeby had a little burger counter. I picked up some stuff we'd missed the night before, then ordered lunch to bring home. By the time I got there the movers had gone, and Andy was up to his ears in boxes. He was very efficiently unpacking them, and an epic quest for our sheets ensued. Fortunately we had the sheets we'd used for our air mattress. They don't fit very well, but they were definitely better than nothing, especially since we found our mattress pad.

While Andy continued unpacking I went to the MVD to see if our VIN check had come back. It had, so I left with a New Mexico title, a very pretty balloon license plate, and an application for vanity plates. The very nice DMV guy, Fred, looked up our two favorites and they appear to be unused. I'm wondering if NARF has been found offensive for some reason; it's hard to believe no one else has claimed it yet. I won't complain if we get it, though. Anyway, we unpacked and such until dinnertime.

I told Andy about the couch and the gluten-free Italian place, and we decided to go find them. Andy liked the couch, and we also struck a motherlode at an affiliated store next door which sells oak furniture. We found a bookcase to store our media on and a gorgeous cabinet which I want to get someday for storing paperweights. It has glass shelves and a ton of holes which can hold pegs to adjust the shelves, so I can add a bunch. It's lit and has a mirrored back. It's just really neat, and something to look forward to. We went next door to the Cheesecake Factory, but it was closed. Andy also discovered that it's a Cheesecake Factory impostor. So, we decide to try the Italian place.

However, I'd made a fatal error; I thought I was on the main street when in fact I was on one parallel to it. We only determined this after we got home and I looked at the receipt from the auto parts store, though. We ended up going to the grocery store across the street and got milk and butter so I could make mac and cheese the movers had brought. We ended up having to eat it with cooking spoons since our silverware was still MIA. Cable-guy was due tomorrow, so we went to bed.
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