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As we drove down what appears (at least so far as we're concerned at this point) to be the main street in ABQ, Andy saw a Chinese place which looked familiar. He was fairly certain it was the place his then-potential boss had taken him for lunch during the interview. Once we got to the complex (without getting lost, for a change) he rang said boss and asked while I went into the air conditioning with the cats. The apartment manager was as nice in person as she's been on the phone, and she even had treats for Thena and Gail. Andy got off the phone and came in for a thoroughly uneventful lease-signing, and then we finally got to see our new apartment.

Our garage connects to the apartment! Within a few hours we had become happily used to having a garage. After dropping the kitties off, foozling them extensively, and dropping off our stuff we headed back to the Chinese place for decent food, given it was a buffet during off-peak. We saw a bunch of places of interest to us along the stretch of road between our apartment and the restaurant. One of them included an MVD (it's going to take a while to get used to that -- it was DMV in NY, NJ, and NC) branch and an MVD express which was literally across the street from the complex. We also went and found our State Farm agent, then came back home for more kitty foozling.

While Andy started setting things up, as much as possible since our car is small, while I headed out to the MVD. Our NC registration was set to expire the next day, quite literally. The MVD did something I've never seen before; they got our VIN number and had to run a check which might take 1-3 days. I came back home and suggested we set up our account at a local credit union since we'd both need to be there. That went smoothly, and it wasn't quite five when we left. We decided to go set up our insurance, since I was going to need to get that done for the completion of registering our car in NM. We're now set with auto and renters' insurance. NM is lousy with State Farm agents, with two just up the main street, but the one State Farm's site said was closest really was: we literally turned out of the parking lot, drove a block or two, and there was our complex.

We began preparing for the movers, who were due on Tuesday, basically getting our stuff out of the way of where we wanted them to put other stuff. The kitties were fairly curious, but also staying close. Thena kept meowing annoyedly at me because she'd follow me upstairs, get settled, and then have to up and follow me downstairs again. Gail was mostly very sweet, the mood Andy describes is "I'm uncertain, please reassure me". We had some snail-mail in the form of the USPS confirming our address change.

Andy remembered a mall near where he'd stayed for his interview, so we decided to try and find it. We did so fairly easily, although it ended up not having any place which interested us dinner-wise. There was a Chili's nearby, so that's where we ended up going. It was another Severed Dreams day, but we were happy with what all we accomplished.
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