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I'm writing this as I wait for a load of clothes to dry so I can toss the other in. Thena's sitting on a Dell box eying me sleepily. I believe Gail is in on her hammock.

Today we sorted some more and put together a box to ship via UPS; mostly odds and ends which the movers missed or we'd kept out of their way. Andy disassembled the rest of the particle board furniture. Someone called and asked if it was still available, and they ended up taking one of the dressers. Then things got interesting.

We had about two hours before my final Friday errand. In that time we had to ship the UPS box, ship one of my auctions who had paid the night before (twit boy's payment didn't get here and mail forwarding started today; sigh). We had to donate a last round of stuff to the PTA and a kitty bed to the shelter. We had to close out our bank account, get cashier's checks, and get some paperwork from the vet and trade in Thena's collar for a new one (they're guaranteed for life). And, we had to turn in some kerosene and get a permit to leave our particle board furniture out to be picked up. We somehow managed to get most of it done.

After my errand we came home to drop off the kerosene at the hazardous waste dump. Unfortunately some leaked onto the seat. I'm hoping Febreeze will help. If anyone has any suggestions I'll try to check in before we leave later today. I also went back to the shelter. When I'd dropped off the kitty carrier earlier I'd checked and Bianca was still there. A family was too, looking for a declawed cat, so I tried to convince them to adopt her. I went back hoping to see that she'd been spoken for, and to get claw caps for Gail.

I found out Bianca's story today; why such a gorgeous wonderful cat was surrendered. Recently there was a multiple-murder in Mebane; an abusive/violent ex-husband hunted down and killed his ex-wife, their children, and her new boyfriend. Bianca belonged to that family. I wish we weren't moving tomorrow.

Afterward we went to Firebird's for dinner, then called Tanner and Janell and asked them to meet us for ice cream at Marble Slab, a knockoff of Cold Stone. They had no problem with this, so we got to see them again. I also discovered that if you mention you're diabetic they'll let you have a child-size serving. We returned a bowl of Tanner and Janell's which we'd borrowed ages ago, plus some Mardi Gras beads we decided not to take with us. Tanner's birthday is near Mardi Gras, so every year they throw a Mardi Gras-themed party.

Some of our cloth bags got kerosene on them so I tossed them in with the first load, then needed to wash the load again because the whole thing now smelled like the darned stuff. Andy took out most of the shelving to the garbage, and I helped. He also threw away most of the heavy stuff earlier, for which I am incredibly grateful. Gail really sliced me open when I picked her up to trim and cap her claws. We finally got them trimmed and Andy opened the package of caps, then asked me how many there were supposed to be. I said ten or twenty, and he noted there were only six. Then he realized the glue was completely dried out -- someone had apparently used most of the caps then closed the package up and returned it to the pound. Grrrrrr.

I need to order flowers to be delivered to the office people tomorrow. We'll also be leaving a scratching post for Cornelius. Despite how bare the apartment is, I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow.
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