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Quick Update (at least when I began writing it)

Gail was actually timid yesterday, not leaving the spare room until I brought her out. She pretty much took one look around and then headed for the hammock. Thena explored, then began hyperventilating, and continued doing so until we left for dinner. When we got back she was better.

Dinner was good, and Bram didn't throw anything. I'm really going to miss him and his parents. Afterward we went to Southpoint and saw a sky full of the most gorgeous blues, thanks in part to a thunderstorm. Then we sat by the audience-controlled fountain and watched the fountain on one side and a light show (also courtesy of the thunderstorm) on the other. NC isn't making this move any easier.

Today I sorted and made a ton of phone calls while callicrates was away. We tried to give away our particle board furniture today, but no one nibbled. We'll put it out by the dumpster tomorrow and pay the municipal folks to cart it off. But first we had dinner at Ruth's Chris. Ah, bliss. They gave us balloons but Gail was more interested in chewing the string than in doing her "release into the highlights" schtick.

Tomorrow the rest of the furniture needs to be disassembled, some stuff which won't fit into the car needs to be shipped, and a lot of garbage needs to be tossed. Then someone needs to do a walk-through of our apartment to see if we owe for damages. I hope not. My final Friday errands are tomorrow. Earlier-than-I-like-to-think-about on Saturday we're leaving. I'm going to try to get some sleep now.
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