Cat (willowisp) wrote,

And so it begins...

The movers are here, packing things up. The only thing left in our living room is the entertainment center (which we aren't taking), the fireplace screen and implements (hell no, we're not taking), and a bunch of boxes which are dwindling rapidly. The kitchen is mostly emptied out, as is the spare room, and they just started on our bedroom. I was worried that the movers might be overzealous like ladonne's were, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. They've joked about packing Andy and me if we sit still for too long, but they haven't packed, say, garbage. I'll have to wait until after they're done to see what all they leave, and whether it's stuff we had wanted them to.

The kitties are freaked, not that I blame them. They spent most of the morning in our room; Thena trying to get out at every opportunity and Gail hiding under the bed, for the most part. The time she wasn't under the bed she was on the hammock. Whenever I would lie down on the floor and offer scritches she would get so enthusiastic that she'd even come out briefly. Thena also loved being scritched, but was restless the whole time. I just paused to ask them not to pack the hammock. It cost relatively little, it's pretty worn out, and it will be a nice comfort item for them since they no longer have beds to hide under. We can get them a new hammock or two once we get to NM.

We just transferred the cats to the nearly-empty spare room. Oddly enough there's still a Dell box there, so I'm wondering what's not packed since the computer area seems to be broken down already. I'm borrowing Andy's laptop while he's away at the doctors. The guys are impressed with how quickly I type -- they should see Andy. Anyway, back to the subject: Gail squirmed a lot as we carried her out, and then tried to make a break for it when we opened the door. Check that; she succeeded. Luckily the front door was closed at the time. I'd been staying with the kitties while Andy was here to answer questions, but now since I need to be out I left some catnip on Gail's scratching floor and two of the catnip toys we got a few years ago from the shelter in with them. Thena was happily occupied when I left; Gail was suspicious. I hope we've reassured them enough in the time leading up to today and today as well.

Andy just called. We have a car appointment tomorrow to fix the CV boots (I think), which apparently means replacing the whole front axle. IANAM, so this may not be entirely correct, but I think it's close. The folks at Sears told Andy it wasn't absolutely necessary, but his dad, after thinking about it, advised us to do so before the trip. It'll be interesting figuring out what to do while the car is out of commission all day; staying at Southpoint for a long time or begging people for multiple rides.

I plan on dealing with administrivia: changing my address with my credit union, calling the folks at State Farm who were supposed to ring back with a quote last week, letting Chapel Hill know that I'm no longer running a business and therefore don't need to pay tax (buggers charged $25/year tax even if you made zero profits), etc. They're all things I can do to keep myself occupied since we have no books, music, are sharing a computer, and have nothing to pack since there'll be very little left when the movers leave today. I guess I'll be foozling the kitties a lot. Oh, I did leave out a bunch of crossword puzzles from weeks past and crossword books. I'll have to try to ration myself, though. I plan on using the puzzles as a distraction on the trip as well.

It's still hard to believe we're leaving in three days, though seeing the apartment this bare and getting barer is making it easier to believe. I can't believe how fast these guys work. I was sure it would take two days, but at the rate they're going they'll easily be out of here in an hour or two, or so it seems. The first two showed up at 07:30 (we'd been expecting 08:00, so I hadn't showered yet). They're Ray and Ray Jr, and are from Miami. I was in the shower when the other two showed so I didn't catch their names, but I get the idea they're locals who work on a per job basis. They apparently didn't hear about my Grandma's dishes and need to get some more dish packs, but I may have just been dreaming that part -- I was napping for part of the morning.

Before napping I went to Staples and shipped off yet another auction win. Twit-boy who decided to pay by money order sent it bloody yesterday (the auction ended Sunday and I sent him my address then. I hope to heck he at least expedited it like I asked him to -- I don't want to carry his stuff all the way to ABQ. The Japanese winner hasn't answered my mail yet; I hope with all of the neverest-moving stuff that the e-mail I sent got to him/her. The final auction winner sent a request for seller so I re-sent her info; unfortunately it's an aohell account and they randomly have trouble delivering mail from us. Mutter.

Tonight is dinner at Neo China with Tanner, Janell, and Bram. I'm going to miss them. I'm going to miss Neo China as well, but not as much ;). Anyway, I'll try to get on and update between now and Saturday. It looks like our connection will be staying up. Since Covad doesn't cover our new area Andy is leaving the modem here and not canceling our account until we leave. I don't know if we'll have access in the hotels; the important part was that they were pet-friendly. I also don't know how long it will take to get access when we get to ABQ -- if anyone local knows of any internet cafes, please let me know.

Ray just let me know that our move is going over. The estimator had underestimated apparently. This is strange because he estimated two short days or one very long one, which seems to be one heck of an overestimate, but then underestimated the boxes needed. Oh well. I still don't think we're anywhere near exceeding the weight limit, so this one is under an SEP field. Ah, our contact just called. so I had Ray tell her. And it turns out they were't aware of Grandma's china; good thing I asked. Now I'm wondering what took up so many dish packs, since we have a Corell 8-piece setting, a Pottery Barn four-piece, and some glasses and mugs and they needed more than the initial estimate with just those. Oy.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now. Hopefully I'll be able to check in for the next few days. If not, see y'all (some of you literally) on the flip side.
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