Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Identity Crisis

Today apparently really thought it was Monday, or was certainly acting like it thought it was. Part of it was due to the fact I didn't get enough sleep. I could feel myself getting irritated at the littlest things and I was almost crying a few times when I got overwhelmed. Nothing shatteringly bad happened, but a lot of little things went wrong -- like the bottom dropped out of a box I was packing and broke the carafe of a blender I was sending to a friend. Luckily it was an extra carafe, but it was still frustrating. It was even worse because I sliced up my hand in picking up the pieces.

On the good side, the auctions are almost over. I'm biding my time until the last one ends tonight, but in the next few days I'm shipping everything out or donating it to the PTA -- no re-listing for me. If in the past week or so you saw anything which interested you but you weren't willing to pay for, now's the time to call it. Anything I didn't sell, with two exceptions, is anyone's for the price of shipping or dinner or something.

Of course another annoyance: someone bid, then asked if it was ok to pay by check. I told him "no", since first I'd have to hope it got here before we moved and second because by the time it cleared we'll have closed out our bank account. In his e-mail after he won the auction it looks like he plans on using something other than Paypal. I e-mailed clearly that if he didn't use Paypal I'd only accept a money order, and I asked him to expedite sending it; if he complains I'll point out the bit on the auction which specifically said "If you want to pay by any other method, please contact me before you bid". Mutter grumble smurf.

I got some stuff done despite the annoyances. Our tax/bank paperwork/etc has been thinned out since we were saving stuff back into the early 90s. What's left is either in a folder or an accordion thingy or a box or is bound (ask callicrates about the last one if you want the story). I also did round one of cleaning my desk. Stuff which I don't absolutely need is on the floor to be sorted in the next two days, and things which I do need will be sorted and put either with things to be packed or in our "important documents" box. I also began working on figuring out car space, though most of it will have to wait until after I run errands tomorrow. I also packed all of Heather and Denny's stash up (they aren't expecting some of the things we're giving them -- goodbye gifts), and a surprise lot for Pamela as well. I won't mention it here just in case she's begun reading this. Oh, and I sent e-mail to Grandma Shad. She hasn't answered mail I sent since she moved, but Mom says she was having computer problems for a while, so I re-sent.

On the amusing side, Gail managed to be very cute again. I washed our good sheets and am folding them to be packed with the bed. For our air mattress we'll be using some cheap satin-wannabe sheets I got for $20.00 years ago. Since we need sheets for the bed until Wednesday I used the cheap set to re-make the bed. Gail did her usual "jump up repeatedly and get in the way thing" while I was putting on the fitted sheet, then became very fascinated with the new feel. I picked her up and plopped her on the floor as per usual, and she did a running leap back on. The sheets may be cheap but they do emulate satin fairly well, in that they're slippery. Gail skidded halfway across the mattress, scrabbling all the way, and then hugged the bed once she stopped. Sadly I didn't get the camera on time. I'll have it closer at hand when I make the bed the next few days.
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