Cat (willowisp) wrote,

A rather boring day

In one week we'll be in Memphis, and with any luck we'll be asleep. We very hopefully won't still be driving. Everything still looks strange -- the guy who checked us out for the move stressed that we should not pack anything enough that it even penetrated my little brain, so we have a box or two with some stuff in it/them, but nothing looks packed. I do need to gather a few things we'll be keeping with us, and also load the car with what we're planning on bringing with us to make sure there's enough space.

We took Thena and Gail with us to Staples. While I ran in to get some boxes (for shipping auctions, not packing), Andy stayed out with the car/AC running and made much of the critters. It's a little odd with them -- Gail is very quiet and calm in her carrier, occasionally mewing sadly, while Thena is loudly annoyed. Yet when it comes to getting them into the carriers, Gail puts up one heck of a fight. We've had to come up with a special method of stuffing her in.

Anyway, when we got home we gave them some yummy canned food (I haven't tried it but I'll take their word for it) placed strategically just outside their carriers, and they commenced gobbling. As usual Thena finished first, and I heard something going on at Gail's dish. I turned around to make sure it was Gail just in time to see her hook her little claw onto the door of her carrier and drag it over the dish, thus using her carrier door to bury her leftovers.

I mis-judged the time needed to thaw the meat for tonight's dinner, so Andy recommended that we go out. I fought really hard. Um. Right. Anyway, we went off to Firebird's and had good dinners. He managed to stun me completely when he mentioned we had reservations for brunch tomorrow. We'd planned on taking Denny and Heather if they came, but since they ended up not being able to I hadn't thought again about it.

Afterward on impulse I went to Godiva to get some coconut candy, but when the clerk went to ring it up the computer crashed, and it would've taken a while for it to come back up. I decided to abandon the chocolate, but she ended up giving me some dark-chocolate dipped strawberries for free. I adore strawberries alone, but not in chocolate, so Andy got them.

When we got home I took my walk and got two more pictures of critters seen therein. I didn't try to get pictures of the fireflies I saw -- I plan to try to get those earlier in the evening when there are more of them. I think of all the things I'm going to miss, fireflies are going to be high on the list.
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