Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mighty Hunters We

Today we got a mover date of the 9th, which means three nights eating out and sleeping on the leaky air mattress. My task of the day was to make a list of things we'll need to make sure aren't packed; hopefully if I start now by the 9th I'll have remembered all the important-but-easy-to-overlook stuff like toothpaste and such.

I also finally started working on my Master Plan (TM) -- giving the kitties car rides which don't end at the vet and which yield treats at the end. I really wanted to have a month to do it but I procrastinated. Hopefully a week or two will be enough to get the edge off of their hatred for being put in their carriers, so we don't have to wrestle them to get them ready for the trip.

After Andy grilled dinner we decided to celebrate the end of Tropical Storm Bill's deluge by looking for the cache again. This time we were armed with photos from other people who've found it and a low-tech compass, and I brought my camera. The turtle was nowhere in sight this time, but I got some gorgeous shots of the wooded area. It turns out we'd found the cache spot last time, we just missed the box itself.

We took a little pale blue butterfly with white spots make of rubber or soft plastic, and left an 8mm lab-created emerald simulant. We decided to get a box to put all of our finds in; I spent the evening looking for pirate/treasure boxes because I was feeling silly. We'll wait until after the move to decide anything for sure, but I will mark the butterfly so we don't forget. I also plan to take pictures of every cache and the terrain and put them in our photo gallery. Unfortunately when I tried to do so tonight I broke it. Oops.
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