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Looking back on yesterday, I think I must have been possessed. Mind you, I'm not complaining; it's just that I got more done than I think is possible for one person to do in the time it took to do it.

Quick recap: On June 1st, a guy from the moving company was going to come and assess our stuff; how much it weighs and hos long it would take to pack and load, how many boxes of what sort, etc. As of yesterday, we had discussed getting rid of stuff, but not committed to anything. Well, Andy had given away some origami and cleaned out a closet which desperately needed it, and I'd put a few things up for auction and donated a ton of clothes to the PTA thriftshop way back when, but other than that, we hadn't done anything substantial.

I'm not sure what got into me yesterday, but while Andy was out to lunch I began a massive culling. My first targets were a bunch of plastic storage bowls. Most of them were either pristine due to never having been used or really beaten up, many of the latter missing lids. I decided that I would get myself some nice Rubbermaid piece-by-piece when I get there, rather than buying cheap sets which have a lot of sizes I'll never use. Cleaning out the bowls basically made the stack of three crates in the kitchen a moot point, so I began filling the crates and bought us some room.

Next were my pots and pans. I had at least three full sets of Wearever in varying states of use/repair. None of them were unsafe or anything, but "well-used" is a good way to put it. All but the newest set went into the crates, and not without some sighs from me. I very often make several-pot meals, but I have to keep reminding myself that I got a gorgeous new set of pots and pans from Andy's parents for Christmas, and we'll be unpacking them at the other end. Along with those pots and pans I kept, I should be fine for the final ten or so days we're here and for a while once we get there. I also neatly re-stacked the glass cake/bread pans.

That cleared out a lot of space under the sink. Time to tackle the cabinets over the stove. I pulled down all of the glass casserole dishes and pie tins made out of assorted materials. The metal pie plates (the sort Marie Callanders will give you $1.00 if you return them; it wasn't even worth the bus fare or time) all went into the crates, while the glass stuff was relocated to under the sink. All but the one casserole dish which is still sitting over our answering machine so Gail doesn't erase the outgoing message or, even worse, messages people have left. The two metal things I kept were a drip catcher for pies and a cookie-cooling rack.

Dishes were next. I didn't get rid of as many glasses as I thought I would, but at least they all fit now. The main dish cabinet looks pretty much the same as ever, as does the main glass cabinet. The extra glass cabinet now has the glasses/coffee mugs which are left and a set of dishes we got for our wedding. I did, with much glee, throw away two thermoses which leak whenever you, oh, drink from them. Most of the rest of the glasses/mugs are up for auction as I write.

We have two little cabinets, one next to the dishwasher and the other next to the stove. The one next to the dishwasher has the dishwashing powder and some dozen and a half washcloths. The washcloths are now all folded neatly on top of the microwave, while I didn't much touch the one by the stove. It has a rolling pin and more different types of wrapping (Ziploc bags, Saran Wrap, wax paper, aluminum foil, etc) than I want to think about, and I fear an avalanche if I open the door. The beautiful Mikasa relish tray we got from Andy's parents a few years back is now in the shelves directly above the stove, as is a candy dish which belonged to my great-grandmother and still looks like it's new.

We also have a small cabinet next to those above the stove, and it's now neater. I kept the bread crumbs for now, put the packaging stuff down below (open door, close eyes, throw in, close door, pray it doesn't open of its own accord), and got all of the pieces from the mixer into one place.

I'd been assiduously avoiding the top of the refrigerator and the cabinets above it, but I finally got up the nerve to tackle them. Some food which was developing its own political systems is now gone, and I found out where all those paper and styrofoam dishes disappeared to. They'll be very useful on the trip. More stuff went into the crates, none of it lethal.

Then it was the "laundry room"'s turn. It's actually two folding doors behind which the washer/dryer and some shelving lurks. I cleaned off a bunch of cases of soda in varying degrees of emptiness, a ton of clothes/towels which had accumulated over the years, the noodle maker which I haven't used since my egg and wheat allergies were diagnosed (sniffle), and some other random stuff which went into the crates. A while back some red ink had spilled on the dryer; I managed to get it all off and wash the now-exposed surfaces of the washer and dryer. Then I looked to either side of them, and lo there was treasure. Among the found items were a tablecloth which I had turned the apartment upside-down more than once searching for and a bunch of towels and such which had slipped off. I also remembered that we had about half a bag of Friskies which we stopped using when one of the kitties kept horching it. Oh, and I finally found the dustpan. I cleaned off the shelves above the washer, keeping some kitty stuff and so on, but getting rid of some household cleaners long past their useful life. The one thing I didn't find was heartworm meds I got for the kitties from the vet, though as I typed this I think I may have figured out where they are. I'll check... later.

The spare room was next. Most of the rest of the boxes I got from U-Haul became makeshift housing for the bear choir sitting on the floor and six bears holding court in three crates in our bedroom. The crates took on the overflow from the other three and prior cleaning. I cleaned out the dresser completely, and also cleaned off the dresser. Among the things which I tossed were goodies from The Bobbin Show held in Atlanta um, <mumble> years ago. I'm not sure what to do with the train from my bridal gown, since I didn't wear it for the wedding. Still, it's nice and shiny. Anyway, much throwing away and plopping things into the crate ensued, and we discovered a dresser top and a floor. I didn't touch the kitties' room, but mostly because that had already been mostly emptied when I donated the kennel to the APS.

I cleaned out some old and very tarnished earrings from the stained glass jewelry box my Uncle Rich made me eons ago, and also the drawers from my wooden jewelry box. There was a lot of odd stuff in there; my collection of foreign coins and of tokens from various places, including the Italian phone system, hair bands, and even some jewelry. The box is now out of the spare bathroom and on the dresser in the spare bedroom, leaving the spare bath bare but for towels and a shower curtain. I tossed some very old medicine and soaps/shampoos collected from various hotels, and then did the same in the master bath.

Andy was getting hungry about then, but I wasn't much in the mood to cook. Being the wonderful person that he is, he went and got takeout food for us so I didn't have to cook. Luxury.

It was after dinner that I really went crazy. I decided to load the seven crates (the six mentioned before and a seventh which had been under the built-in bookcase in our entryway) in the car one-by-one. Then I did a second more brutal thinning out of clothing, getting two large garbage bags' worth. I took several loads of trash out to the dumpster, then our leftover firewood and kindling downstairs so any neighbors who want it can have it. I also left some planters and a ton of potting soil and peat moss from hydrangeas of years past. I finally took the clothes down to the car, and I cleaned out the outdoor storage closet. There were a bunch of boxes which will be used for our computers, and since I had plans for the outdoor closet, I brought them in. Then I took a bunch of stuff which will not be going on the moving van (important documents, auction items which I hope I'll be shipping off, some stuff for Heather and Denny, and so on) out into the closet so the guy wouldn't count them in his tally. I figure that going up and down three flights of stairs a dozen or so times sort of exonerated me from the sin of not taking my walk.

It was about 04:00 by that time. I decided to check my current auctions, do this entry, then go to bed. It was then that our net died completely, so I took that as a sign and turned in for the night.

This morning I got up, fed the kitties, and promptly went back to bed. Andy went out to lunch with Tanner and I slept, or at least rested. The guy from the movers called wondering if he could come early but I apologised and said I wanted Andy around for the whole thing. Then I went back to bed. Andy got home at about 13:00 and asked me to get ready for when the guy came, then started exercising. I realized at that point that I'd barely touched our room in my frenzy last night, so I tackled the most egregious mess before showering.

Andy and I were both ready by the time the guy got here, and I was finally able to guzzle some coffee. The assessment happened. He stressed very much that we should not even pack mentally, let along put things in boxes. I think we'll be undoing some of the packing we've already done, because he was really persuasive (and repetitive) as to the point. He didn't tell us what the weight was, but he does think it'll be a two-day job. He thinks they could get everything packed and loaded if they did a 10-12 hour day, but he figures they'll pack one day and load the next.

Once he left I took the full car over to the PTA thrift shop. They actually didn't want a bunch of the stuff, and I happily reclaimed my two 5 qt Dutch ovens and the small pan I use for my oatmeal in the mornings. Then I made a deal with one of their workers -- he tossed my stuff into their dumpster, and I left the crates with him. Our apartment dumpster is overflowing; I'm guessing someone threw corrugated cardboard into one of the dumpsters last week, and when that happens the complex gets fined and the garbage people skip us for a week.

I went to the APS to see if they would take the half-bag of Friskies. They were very happy to. Afterward I went to look at the kittens, since there are always a ton between May and October. I'd also done so when I dropped off the kennel last week and the kitty car seat over the weekend. The kittens are, of course, adorable, but another cat had gotten my attention the former times. Her name is Bianca, and she's an adult surrender (as opposed to a stray). She's a medium-haired gray tabby with gorgeous green eyes, and she would have to be an indoor cat because she's been declawed. The sign on her cage said she was friendly and affectionate, and every time I was there when I approached her cage she got up and begged for scritches.

Today, whenever I paused she'd put her paw on my hand and give me a sad look. I picked her up and foozled her, and she loved it. One of the workers saw and asked if I was thinking of adopting her. I told her about our impending move and she said they'd be able to release her in three days if she put down a deposit. I asked if she'd be there on Thursday (the APS is closed Wednesdays, and that's when a lot of the adult cats are put to sleep), and she said since I was interested, yes. I decided to go home, tell Andy about Bianca, and call our new complex to see if they'd let us keep three cats.

Andy said no right off, so now I'm trying to find her a home. My mom said "no" because a lot of our relatives are allergic to cats and she'd like them to be able to visit once Bandit and Noia are gone. If anyone out there wants a sweet, affectionate, declawed adult cat, please let me know. The chances of her being adopted are pretty dismal; there are so many cuter-than-words kittens around. Since she's declawed she won't destroy furniture, and since she's an adult she won't end up tearing around crazy like Gail did (after we discovered she was a 6-month old). I'm sure if someone wants her we can work out a way to get her to you, so please consider adopting her and let me know if you might be interested.

Even though it was sprinkling we decided to hunt for the cache today. It's in a tiny out-of-the-way park we didn't know existed until we found it today. I immediately regretted not bringing my camera, especially when we found a painted turtle sitting on the abandoned trail we were climbing. We didn't find the cache; the tree cover is such that the GPS was confused most of the time, and the landmarks we were given -- a snapped tree and a nearby log -- were repeated quite a bit, most likely due to the ice storm which felled half the trees in Chapel Hill (or so it feels like). There were a lot of fireflies, though, and the area is gorgeous. We decided to go home so Andy could check and see how long it was since it'd been found and if there were any hints or pictures from former finders.

It turns out the most recent visit was ten days ago, so it's probably still around. Andy found a picture of the area near where the cache is, but it had some distinctive markings which we saw on a tree which is no longer standing. We'll be going back again, maybe tomorrow, this time with the camera and a low-tech compass. Out of a five star rating, with five being the hardest and one being the easiest, it's rated as two. I really hope I can find the thing. A few things I discovered: I should definitely wear exercise clothes (or clothes I don't plan on wearing in public before they're next washed) and put my hair up while geocaching. I definitely should bring the camera.

After we got home we decided to shower together, and tentatively agreed that this might be a fun tradition to start whenever we hunt. It would give us something to look forward to even if we don't find the box. After the shower we cuddled for a bit, then I made dinner. After dinner I listed, or at least tried to list, the rest of the auctions so they'll end Sunday night. If you go by ebay time I succeeded, though in our own time zone, well, oops. I've found an annoying problem with posting pictures using Mozilla, and earlier tonight it also spread to Galeon. I eventually discovered that it was due to rejecting a certain cookie, or at least allowing the cookie solved the problem in Galeon. For those interested in seeing the auctions I'm running, check out this link for mundane stuff and this one for jewelry and paperweights.

I received payments from two of the three people who won the auctions which ended yesterday, so once I finally finished listing all of my items I packaged the things up. The pewter beaver I sold was bought by a guy whose last name is "Eager" -- I'm wondering if he's adopted the beaver as his symbol due to the inherent pun. I checked the other auctions he's bid on, and it looks like I might be correct. I'll have to ask when I send him the tracking number tomorrow.

It's now just after 04:00 my time. I think I've produced enough spam for now. Hopefully now with the assessment out of the way things will calm down until they come to pack up the place. Hopefully also I'll get to sleep quickly once I finally fall into bed.
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