Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We went to brunch today and said our goodbyes to Harry, the manager who has gotten to know us by name even though our visits were never exactly regular. They had the best prime rib I've ever had. I'm going to miss the place. We never got to do the geocaching -- it was too hot. Hopefully we'll get a cooling rainstorm before we leave. There are two caches we're thinking of trying to find; one in a small park we'd never heard of, and one near the library in which you're asked specifically to leave books.

I also grocery shopped for the week, and managed to do all of it but two items at Whole Foods. Andy boxed up two of the 17" monitors and I boxed up some dishes, an automatic potato peeler, and a bunch of CDs. We'll hopefully ship the lot of them tomorrow. Several of my auctions end tomorrow. I may or may not re-list, but if I do it'll be for five-day runs. That way all of my auctions will be done by Sunday of next week, and hopefully shipped before we move. We listened to a lot of Clannad and Maire today, and I think Andy would have killed me if I tried to listen to both copies. Tomorrow I get to listen to Aladdin, Billy Joel, and A Winter's Solstice IV while Andy works on packing up his office. He's been bringing home a box a day for a while and it's pretty bare by now. Even if the apartment still doesn't look like it'll be empty in less than two weeks, his office is showing signs. Sigh.
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