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Keeping Busy

We're in an odd sort of stasis right now -- we can't really pack, but we want to do something. My big projects over the past few days mostly included sorting. First I matched up all of our CDs with their cases. It actually went quite well; we only have one CD without its official case and six cases without CDs. Then I removed all of the CDs as well as the DVDs from the cases and put them into some travel binders. Well, not quite all. Those with music and movies on them I sorted; Andy will be sorting all of those with games or other data on them. We did have quite a few dupes, especially with members of the Brennan family (Clannad, Enya, and Maire), and I need to listen to them in the next day or so. If they have skips we'll discard it, if both of each are in good shape I may list them on ebay.

The other sorting involved pictures. We had several cases, some with half-hearted attempts at being filled, and several hundred loose photos. We now have three 144-picture albums devoted mostly to pets past and present, a dozen or so 24-picture mini-albums filled with 3x5s and 4x6es, and some ten 24-picture mini-albums filled with 4x7s. I will also be able to put together a wedding album finally, since I went through and found several mini-albums' worth of pictures I'd actually put in a wedding album.

The other day I mentioned mailing off a bunch of bears which I couldn't donate to the hospital due to lack of tags. I never mentioned where, though, and turnberryknkn had a surprise waiting for him when he got home on Friday. We're currently working on sorting through larger stuff to see what we can get rid of. Even though we've been sorting for a while, there doesn't seem to be any less clutter. Hopefully after we move some of the stuff we could never quite part with when it broke and some old bedding, things will look better. In fact, in removing several appliances and dishes from past internships which we'll be giving away (anyone want a Krups coffee maker?), we cleared off enough shelf space that Andy was able to fit some boxes on the shelves, which make it look better. And, once we've boxed up the spoken-for 17" monitors, it'll probably appear much roomier.

This morning we had a nice cuddle session, after a long stretch of my being too busy with moving stuff to pay much attention to anything else, Andy included. To make up for lost time we went out to dinner, then wandered over to South Point looking at lap tops, since he'll be able to design his own for his new job. Then we went to Staples, which had closed fifteen minutes earlier (grumble) to look for monitor boxes and Wolf Camera to look for APS cartridge holders and some 4x7 albums, since I had an overflow with the albums I had. I struck out on the former, but found some very pretty mini-albums. I'll finish doing the pictures in the next few days.

Tomorrow we'll be having what will probably be our last brunch at the Carolina for a very long time. Unless, of course, Heather and Denny come to visit next weekend. Even then, though, it'll probably be a while before we're back in the area. After brunch we're thinking of checking out a geocache which we think is at a local walking trail I'd always meant to explore. I've been vaguely interested in geocaching for a while, and mentioned it to Andy in passing. He got a GPS, and he sounds pretty enthusiastic about the whole idea. He plans to leave origami in the caches and I plan on leaving lab-created gemstones. Once we've found the cache or given up, we'll probably head back to Staples in hopes of getting boxes to ship a whole slew of stuff, and we'll furthermore hopefully have it all out of the apartment by Tuesday.

On Tuesday an assessor or some assessors from the moving company will be coming to scope us out. They'll give us a weight estimate, which I imagine we won't be anywhere near the limit. After all, some of the people they move are in several-bedroom houses, and we have a smallish apartment. At any rate, if I don't post much or at all between now and Tuesday, it probably means I'm packaging things to ship, making some last-minute listings on ebay, or finding good homes for various stuff.

Actually, in order to give friends the pick of the lot, here are the things I'll probably be listing in the next few days. Let me know if you'd like any or if you'd like more info:

DVD: Stuart Little II (I did not buy it on purpose)


  • Paul McCartney's Oobu Joobu, still sealed
  • Four disk set, Classics for Lovers, still sealed
  • Four-disk set, Reader's Digest Music for the Starlight Hours, opened but not listened to, to my knowledge
  • Four-disk set, Classics for Lovers; Sensual Interludes; A Time For Love; and Forbidden Pleasure, opened but never listened to, to my knowledge

The following batch are all dupes. I am not sure if they are listenable, since we burned them to mp3 years ago. However, I will listen before I send them off, and if there are skips and such I'll let you know.

  1. Ace of Base: The Sign
  2. Disney's Aladdin
  3. Maire Brennan: Maire
  4. Maire Brennan: Misty Eyed Adventures
  5. Clannad: Anam
  6. Clannad: Banba
  7. Clannad: Dulaman
  8. Clannad: Fuaim
  9. Clannad: Landmarks
  10. Clannad: Lore
  11. Enya: Enya (the original version of the album re-released later as The Celts)
  12. Enya: The Memory of Trees
  13. Enya: Watermark
  14. Billy Joel: River of Dreams
  15. Billy Joel: Songs in the Attic
  16. Billy Joel: Storm Front
  17. Disney's The Lion King and Rhythm of the Pride Lands, which are songs inspired by the movie
  18. Martin Page: In the House of Stone and Light
  19. Paul Simon: Graceland
  20. Windham Hill Artists: A Winter's Solstice IV

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