Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I finally got to bed at 8am yesterday, having pulled an all-nighter to read HP: OotP. I didn't accomplish much yesterday, though I hopefully made up for it today. One thing I did get done on both days was my walk.

This afternoon I dropped off a bunch of teddy bears at the UNC hospital volunteer desk, then mailed off the rest of the bears, which couldn't be accepted since they had no tags. While at the post office I also sent off insurance claims. Then I skipped over to the grocery store and got a refund from reading a receipt and noticing they hadn't taken off for sale items. Then I got gas and dropped off the big kennel at the pound, where the workers were very happy to see it. While Andy was out grilling dinner I looked up information on donating or recycling our spare computers and monitors. If anyone wants a 17" monitor for the price of shipping, let me know. After dinner I listed some auctions, and I'm considering listing a few more in the coming day or two.
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