Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Things are progressing. We still don't know when the movers will be coming, and in theory it's possible one of us may need to fly back to supervise if D-day is after the 14th. I'm hoping that things started moving when Andy faxed in his acceptance, and that things will fall into place without requiring any extra angst. Andy and I have both arranged a shelf of books we want to unpack the year we're in the apartment, and we're considering getting some Lemony Snicket books for car reading. I suppose I could wait to read Order of the Phoenix until then, but then Andy would have to drive one whole day because I wouldn't be willing to interrupt the book. I guess we'll see.

We'll be bringing the kitties in their soft-sided carriers, which will be seat-belted in. We're going to donate the kennel to the pound where we adopted Gail from. In theory it would work for the distant-future Aussies I want to adopt, but practically it would take up a ton of room which we'll need for other things.

This weekend we went to Heather and Denny's. Miraculously, Denny was still home, and fun was had by all. Heather's father, whom I'd met once or twice when we were all still in upstate NY, and her sister, who I knew fairly well, were there also. For the record Andy said Curtis is a character and Amber seems to be a wilder version of Heather. These were said in the most complimentary way. Anyway, Andy has pretty much said this will be the last time we go to Lynchburg before the move, since we have to deal with packing and national holidays in the coming weeks. Amber, Curtis, and Heather will be visiting a great-aunt in NC, and Heather may swing by on her way home. Also, Denny/Heather/Regina/Danielle may come up for a day or two before we leave.
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