Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Musical Alphabet Meme Part 1

It turns out that I was having too much trouble just picking one song for most of the letters, so I believe I'll do a few lists; on for choral/classical, one for comedy, perhaps one for show tunes. For now, here's what I have for songs not in the aforementioned categories. The only other constraint is that I only used each artist once:

  • Are You Out There? - Dar Williams
  • Bumblebees - Christine Lavin (Andy's and my theme while we were in the LD part of our relationship)
  • (The) Chauffer - Duran Duran
  • Dance With Me - The Orleans and Dust in the Wind by Kansas. It's a tie.
  • Everything Possible - Written by Fred Small, performed by The Flirtations
  • Fooling Yourself - Styx
  • Galileo - Indigo Girls
  • Hell is for Children - Pat Benatar
  • In the House of Stone and Light - Martin Page
  • Jesus He Knows Me - Genesis
  • Kiss From a Rose - Seal
  • Leader of the Band - Dan Fogelberg
  • My Melody of Love - Bobby Vinton; sung partially in Polish
  • Nocturne - Secret Garden
  • (The) One - Elton John
  • Perfect Time - Maire Brennan
  • (A) Quake, A Quake - Animaniacs
  • River of Dreams - Billy Joel
  • Sunday Morning Yellow Sky - October Project; A testimony to how much I like this song: I usually don't listen to songs with spoken bits.
  • Tempus Vernum - Enya
  • Underground - David Bowie; I sort of cheated since this is from Labyrinth
  • Voices in the Sky - The Moody Blues
  • Winter, Fire, and Snow - Anuna
  • ? - Nena; Another partial cheat. I decided I could use a puctuation mark in place of the "X".
  • Yesterday - The Beatles
  • Zor and Zam - The Monkees

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