Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I stayed up way too late last night, resulting in my not being good for much until the afternoon. I did have a dream about Grandpa, though -- except there were two of him: the healthy one from my wedding and the one I saw in those last few months. I sort of wish I hadn't woken up for another few hours.

Gail got up on the fireplace mantle twice today, both times knocking down a fluorite globe I display with my paperweights. The rock is fine, but the poor tile in front of the fireplace is another story. Gail is lucky she's so darned endearing and cute.

GNO was tonight. Janell made the pizza and Ben brought more Red Dwarf goodness. I rather hope that all GNOs between now and when we leave are devoted to it, at least until we run out of eps available on DVD.

Andy and I both collect pretty glass. He collects marbles and I collect paperweights, with some crossover. We also occasionally indulge in fruit from Harry and David, a catalog-order type of business which does expensive fruit and such. A while back I got some strawberries, and noted the box, which had individual foam slots for each berry, would make a wonderful marble carrying case, especially since he had them all in one box (with no padding between them) at the time.

Last year when I was visiting Grandpa on an average of a week out of every month, I sent Andy some H&D pears. He enjoyed them thoroughly, and one day I came home to find the box open and empty, except for the paperweight nestled in the individual slot for the former pear inhabitant. I think it's sort of neat how we both figured out a fruity way to protect each others' collection.

Today I was pulling out the marble boxes (I'd since gotten more strawberries) to see if I could find the pear box and pack some of my paperweights. Space-permitting, Andy and I plan to bring all of the marbles and the hardest-to-replace paperweights with us in the car. I noticed some of the second box had empty slots, so on impulse I put some of my smaller paperweights and all of my eggs in the box, and they fit neatly. I then found the pear box in the spare room, though unfortunately I'd thought there were twelve spots when there were only nine. The paperweights are partially packed, but I have a feeling I'll be shuffling them around a bit between now and the move, since it had been hard just to narrow it down to a dozen.
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