Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was busy. Andy had to get mandatory drug-testing for work. Tomorrow he gets to play with ink as he gets fingerprinted. In between he's been filling out the 294750284303211 pages of forms for his security clearance(s). I just hope they don't interview Thena and Gail, especially after the three-day drive.

Speaking of the three-day drive, today I printed out directions from here to a hotel in Memphis, the hotel in Memphis to a hotel in Amarillo, and from the hotel in Amarillo to our new apartment. I made reservations in the aforementioned hotels, which both show up in the AAA book of places which accept pets. I also got our new phone number, ordered new tags for the kitties, and officially notified Timber Hollow that we're leaving. I would have set up electricity/gas, but for dumb reasons Andy needs to be the one who does it. I figure that's enough move-related stuff for one day, but it's a relief to finally be getting things done.
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