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Yesterday we were getting ready to leave for Heather and Denny's and it was raining. I had just called them to let them know we were on our way when I got a call from Andy asking if Cornelius was supposed to be hanging around our building. For those just joining us, Cornelius is a sweet gray and white cat whom I encountered often on my walks. She has one of the saddest meows I've ever heard. I hadn't seen her for a while and was even thinking the other night that it looked like her apartment might be vacant.

Anyway, I dashed out, and there she was, being scritched by Andy. She kept wavering between wanting company and being shy. Andy read the owner's phone number from her tag and called; it turned out he'd moved to our building, and she apparently got confused. I guess I'll never get a picture of her scaling the latticework on her porch, since second-floor apartments don't have them, but maybe at least I'll still see her around.

I made buttermilk chicken for Andy, Denny, Heather, Regina, and me. It probably will surprise no one to hear that the game didn't happen. Even if he starts it up again, Andy and I will probably only be going to Lynchburg once, maybe twice before we move. Bugger. Anyway, Denny is allegedly going to be home for a while so we may get to see him in (a) subsequent visit(s). Unfortunately Andy realized I'd forgotten to set out extra food for the cats, so we had to come home early today. After lounging for a while we met Tanner, Janell, and Bram at Ruby Tuesday's for mediocre food with good company. On the way back I saw my first fireflies this year in NC, and Andy saw one as well. Yay, I got to see them before the move.

There are some new pictures regarding:
Denny and Heather
Gail's ongoing campaign of destruction
Thena and Gail together
A cool web picture
Some clearer pictures plus proof of one of the most unique uses for a paperweight
A paperweight from Grandpa

Tomorrow the move preparation begins in earnest. Geef.
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