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Yesterday, due to a glitch in the space-time continuum, we did my Friday chores. Afterward I dropped Andy off at home and skipped off to a doctor's appointment. He's recommended I up the dosage on the new drug he prescribed last time so I could drop two others, and also drop one of the others I'm on. Anything which gives me fewer medications to take is fine by me. He also gave me one-shot prescriptions for the stuff I'm still taking in case we can't get appointments quickly in NM.

On impulse, after I was done with the appointment I went over to student health. Due to a long story involving university administrivia, Andy was not technically a post-doc all this time, but a temp employee. We had been told that we could no longer use student health at all, but I was hoping one of the FNPs I've worked with might be able to help me out. Bev was the one who discovered I had diabetes a while back, and I even made some amethyst jewelry for her when I thought I wouldn't see her again. Anyway, another long story short and now I also have a supplemental prescription for another of the things I'm on, which means I should be fine until Andy's insurance kicks in and we find new doctors. On a side note, do the NM folks reading this have any recommendations for general practitioners or doctors to stay away from?

I also had to run to the office since we got some mail for our former next door neighbors; one of whom shares our last name. It was from CVS (a pharmacy), and Melinda is a pharmacist, so I figured it might be important for her to get it. While on the way I met our two maintenance people, Cindy and Victor. Victor is just awesome, and is a whiz at everything except computers. He is, however, one of the few people Andy will happily give computer advice to just because Victor is so cool. Anyway, Victor said if there was anything we needed, just call. I asked him if he wanted to move to Albuquerque, but he's not yet ready to abandon Timber Hollow.

Last night was GNO. We had the usual plain pizza and, for a change, ham and pineapple; the latter was really good. Ben was finally able to make it, and he brought over the first few episodes of Red Dwarf. I think so far I'm more enthusiastic about it than Andy, but he at least had fun. As often happens I didn't watch it so much as listen, since I was looking up electricity/gas, phone, and attempting to find information in cable from one of the most useless sites I've ever seen.

Today it turned out Andy didn't need to run his errands, so we spent a productive day at home. He did the real work; sorting all of the stuff we've had stored in a closet (and never missed) since moving here. Meanwhile I did some more checking on utilities, and called to get Gail and Thena removed from the Orange County tax rolls. We pay the tax every year when they get their vaccinations, so this'll save us some grief. I also found out that as long as we turn in our license plate we won't need to worry about Orange County tax on our car, which comes due when registration rolls around. I looked up car information in New Mexico and even printed out a vanity plate application. As far as I can tell, though, they don't have an online way to find if what you want is already in use.

Today was also kitty day. I went looking for the people who administer the microchips in Thena and Gail to see that their policy was on address changes. It turns out that address changes are free and can be submitted online. I called State Farm and Triple A to find out how to transfer to NM, and the guy at AAA told me that they have a book which lists over 10,000 pet-friendly hotels as well as pet tips and emergency care facilities. I drove down to AAA to get the book, then on the way back I stopped at Foo and Widget's vet and got a printout of their medical records. Last but not least I stopped at the pound where we adopted Gail to ask what their policy on moving out of the area with pets adopted from there. If you want to give away/sell your pet you have to return it to the shelter, but I wasn't sure if they care about address changes. They just asked that I drop them a line when I get there with my new contact information, and reminded me to call the microchip people.

During my walk, in which I saw a shy new kitty but no bunnies, possums, or Corneliuses, I tried to think of seven-character words or phrases for NM plates. Our NC one is "NARFPOIT", so one too many letters. I have a feeling NARF is probably taken. Tomorrow we head off to Heather and Denny's. Denny is home this week; it'll be so nice to see him. He works in the nuclear industry and has a security clearance of his own, so I asked if he'd be willing to vouch for Andy. He will, so if Andy needs someone, we're set.

A lot of what we need to do now depends on various pieces we're missing. We need a date for our move to set up phone service, and we need the phone number before we can update the kitty info and get new tags. We also need the phone number and a move-in date to start electricity and gas. I called Tierra Antigua today, and they have another townhouse free starting on July 15th, though they can move the date up as early as July 10th. We'll probably go for that one instead of the one we'd put a hold on with a June 15th start date. We can pack some things and begin throwing away, but Sandia needs a minimum 4-week turnaround time on movers, and the movers will be doing most of the packing. Andy still needs to officially accept the job offer, but that's a technicality. Start date will be a bit more interesting; it has to be a Monday. Siggraph is in late July, so with a mid-July move-in date he may not be able to start officially until August. Ah well; there's lots to do in the meantime.
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