Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was Pamela's surprise party. Uncle Doug got called in to work, so he couldn't make it initially, but Pamela was very happy to see CJ and then Julie and then Mary walk in. Then Dave's parents brought in the cold cut tray and the cake, and Pamela figured out why Dave had made so much rice earlier in the day. Dave also brought out a pan of brownies and Mom said she was going to have one, and Dave said that she was indeed -- he'd found a GF brownie mix and made it. I tried one and was astounded; most GF cake/bread/etc has been very dry and often harder than stale wheat foods, but these were on the gooey side. Unfortunately the mix takes four large eggs, so I couldn't risk too much, but what I got was very yummy.

Pamela's new lizard is named Widget, which is going to be confusing given Gail's nickname. It's a very cute little lizard which isn't much larger than the crickets Sprocket eats. They're currently in a divided cage since Sprocket could easily mistake Widget for lunch, which would be a bad thing. Widget has its own special tiny crickets, but one of Sprocket's crickets got into Widget's cage, and it started eating the thing, which was nearly its size. Pamela got it away before Widget choked, but the little critter had made quite a headway on eating it, devouring over half.

I got pictures of the flower ball Andy made for Pamela, including her holding it, and of the folks who showed up for the party. Dave figured out how to hang the ball without puncturing it at all, and I got pictures of it in its new home. I also told Pamela that Home Depot and/or Lowe's carries UV glass and will even cut it to size, so she will hopefully soon be able to hang the tessellation he gave her a few years ago. Everyone was in awe of both pieces.

Uncle Doug finally arrived, after getting lost even with Mom in the front yard waving at him. Meanwhile, Julie and Mom decided to go to Wegman's, where Dave found the GF brownie mix, and get some stuff. Mom definitely wanted more brownies, and Julie had to do her weekly shopping. While they were gone Uncle Doug installed the chandelier, and hilarity ensued. I got pictures of the chandelier, too, and used up the camera more thoroughly than ever before. I would charge it, but I'm afraid I'd leave it behind.

CJ finally got a bit overtired and the three had to leave. Mary and Mom stayed behind to play cards. Since I didn't have any money (they play for keeps) handy I did a crossword puzzle while occasionally heckling. Then Mary and Mom left since it was getting late and Mary still had to drive to Boonville after she and Mom got back to Rome.

Dave has a scanner constantly switching between emergency channels (he's a level 4 EMT), and he heard a call go out for an accident really close to their house. He responded even though his shift wasn't going to start for another hour or so. Meanwhile, Pamela and I walked to Wegman's since we realized we had no dinner plans and she needed lunches for this week. When we got back Dave was still gone, and when she paged him he said he'd gone directly to work. We went to Friendly's and had dinner, then went to visit Dave at work (and give him his uniform), where I got the quick-tour of the HQ.

Tomorrow Dave will, unless he gets a late call, be picking me up at around noon to get me to the airport by 1:45 (it shouldn't take anything near 105 minutes, but we've decided to err on the side of caution). Then I'll sit around in the airport for a while, then take two hopefully really boring flights home. It will be so wonderful to see and cuddle with Andy again and to foozle the kitties. Dave and Pamela are fun and nice but they're no substitute for Andy, and Pamela's lizards are cute, but they're no substitute for kitties.
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