Cat (willowisp) wrote,

When I finally showered and got downstairs, Mom had given Pamela her presents, so I turned around and went upstairs to get the one Andy made. Mom had found a box of just the proper size, though we decided not to wrap it anyway. When I first handed it to Pamela I told her that Mom wanted the box back, and she said "No, it's empty, you can't have my box". Mom offered to take the contents and let Pamela keep the box. Then she opened it, and immediately tossed the box to Mom, and told her she could have the box, but she was not getting the origami.

As I predicted, she flipped out. I wish I'd had a camcorder so I could transcribe all the things she said, but the gist is that she thinks it's one of the prettiest things she's ever seen in her life, and she firmly believed that Andy is both a genius and insane (especially when I told her it's what he does to relax). Dave was at work until about noon, but we he got home and saw it he went nuts as well. They're hoping to hang it so they can see all of the colors instead of having one or more sides facing a wall.

After the gift opening we walked to Friendly's; Mom estimates it was two miles especially since we took a few extra turns on the way back. I got my coffee fix, Pamela got her Jim Dandy, and all is right with the world. While we were there I asked about Home Depot and Lowe's, since a plot was beginning to form. Pamela then told me about a closer place, not a national chain, which undercut Home Depot in a lot of areas. She also mentioned a chandelier she saw there and adored, but hadn't gotten since Dave didn't seem very enthusiastic about it.

When we got back Dave was home; he'd been at work when we walked to the restaurant. We chatted for a bit, and then I disappeared upstairs to make a brief phone call to Andy. It turned out to be brief since I interrupted him during exercise (sorry, love!), but we quickly decided to match a housewarming gift for Pamela and Dave similar to the one we gave to Erin and Owen, except that instead of a gift certificate I'd buy the chandelier if it was the same amount. We all went down to the store, and the chandelier is gorgeous. It has royal blue stained glass, frosted glass, and clear glass panels. It was a bit more expensive than we budgeted for, but Mom offered to make up the difference. Dave seemed to like the chandelier better the second time, and Pamela is really happy. It'll hopefully brighten up the place a bit since the walls are so dark.

We left immediately from the store, so we couldn't check the distance from Pamela's place to Friendly's, but we will tomorrow. I made sour cream noodle bake for dinner and then we went up to visit Uncle Doug and Julie. CJ is huge -- I have a lot of trouble guessing childrens' ages, but I'd peg him for a two year old. I would have never guessed he was only nine months. Uncle Doug relayed that Pamela had called him and told him what Mom and I already knew -- that one of Dave's presents to Pamela was a new lizard to replace Fred, who died on Mother's Day. Sadly there was no further news (like, oh, a wedding proposal), but Pamela and Dave were still out when we got home from Uncle Doug's and called them, so there may still be time.

Noia beat me up today. I am so glad the little menace is declawed. She begged for scritches later, while growling at me. Bandit played lap kitty again, though, so it was worth it.
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