Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mom was up for work probably about two hours after I finally climbed into bed, though I was up by the time she got home. We took off for Pamela's, but luckily not before Andy called to say "hi". Getting to the new house is very easy, especially given the labyrinth we had to go through to get to the apartment.

The house is neat, and I got lots of pictures which I'll post when I get home. Four-story split level translates out to about two-story traditional houses. I really like the stone around the fireplace and on some of the walls. Given the options I would probably not go for the color schemes, but since I don't have to live here I'll leave it at that. The pool is nice but, sadly, unusable for now because it was not accorded proper maintenance before winter. The yard is gorgeous, with lots of green grass, trees, and flowers planted in the last two weeks or so.

I've been feeling very tired all day, and I recently figured out why. I'm having a pretty awful headache, and it's making me want to just close my eyes and go somewhere quiet. Those of you who've had caffeine withdrawal headaches before may find this familiar, because that's in fact what it is. Luckily there's a Friendly's nearby (walking distance, so we'll get some exercise in as well) and I've persuaded Mom and Pamela to go with me tomorrow. To quote Pamela: "I can eat a Jim Dandee any time of day". If I eat anything it will be with consideration of my blood sugar -- Friendly's is just the easiest way to get a caffeine infusion.

Mom and I will be leaving at some point tomorrow so Dave can have Pamela all to himself for part of her birthday. Andy folded a gorgeous flower ball which we're giving to her. Mom has already threatened to steal it. Given that Pamela once told us we never had to buy her a gift again, just have Andy fold stuff for her, I bet she'll flip.

On Sunday Pamela thinks Mom is coming to drop me off so Pamela or Dave can get me to the airport on Monday. Little does she know that Mary, Uncle Doug, Julie, and CJ (for those just joining us, Mary is my grandfather's widow and CJ is Uncle Doug and Julie's nearly nine-month old baby) will be arriving with us for a surprise party. I'll finally get to meet Dave's parents, too. Then it's back to the airport on Monday afternoon.

Bandit was a lap-kitty today! He's not sure what to make of foozling when I pick him up, but he's all for it when he jumps into my lap voluntarily. Noia still hasn't managed to beat me up -- I would love to repeat my victory of a few trips ago when she never did so at all. I can't wait to get home and see my own lap-kitty and my Noia-lookalike but exact opposite. callicrates sounds like he's having some much-needed fun in his alone time, so I hope he'll be ready for massive cuddling when I get home.
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