Cat (willowisp) wrote,

When in Rome...

The plane rides were uneventful, save for the deviation from the standard "welcome aboard" spiel by the captain. He actually mentioned the flowers the flight crew got. Many of them always ask if I grow them myself -- I wish I could say "yes". That'll probably be even less likely in NM, although maybe I could grow my own desert flowers once we have a yard of our own, and use those for flights.

Sometime between when the plane landed in Syracuse and when I gave the gate agents (most of whom remembered me and remarked on my absence in the past few months. It's hard to believe, in retrospect, how many trips I made up here) flowers, I remembered that Mom had gotten a new car and I'd never heard a description of it. Luckily Syracuse is a small airport, so finding her car wasn't all that hard. She took me to Pamela's part-time job and Pamela got all bouncy. Apparently, even after Mom and I left the store on a mission of mercy (caffeine free Pepsi, to be exact), she was bouncing around and saying "My sister is here!", which amused her co-workers to no end.

On the way down to the dollar store where we procured the aforementioned beverage we had to stop in the store where Andy got my big old rock (I'll come back and link to it when is back up; oops). Another paperweight I'd been swooning over was still there, and this time I got the artists' name (Rollin Karg, for those interested). Unfortunately the sites I've found on the web which carry his work don't have anything similar to the one at the store, so I may just have to hope it doesn't get sold and send Pamela to retrieve it at some date in the hazy future.

Other than a surprise party on Sunday (whose details are still being worked out), the only thing we know for sure is that I'll be staying at Pamela and Dave's new house on Sunday night and one of them will be bringing me to the airport on Monday. We may or may not be spending the night there tomorrow. Many of my relatives and I are hoping Dave will propose this weekend -- I'd love to be around, even if not on the spot, if/when it happens. More updates as events (and net access, since I don't know if theirs is up yet) warrant.

Oh, and Noia hasn't beat me up yet, but not for want of trying.
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