Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Not much has happened recently, though that's about to change. I leave for Rome tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be beaten up by Noia and I'll miss Andy and Gail and Thena greatly. Hopefully, though, Andy will get enough alone time to keep him set for a while.

Meanwhile, here are some various random pictures:

The most recent bunny pictures

Thena helps me pack for Andy's and my most recent Lynchburg trip

The paperweight I got at Nottingham Castle in England
The paperweight I got at the Glass Gallery in the Leather Market in London
The paperweight I got in a chain store in Nottingham

I got this paperweight for Andy for our anniversary

My most recent acquisition

For reference, you can see the kitties starting from here and the paperweight collection starting from here. Our whole gallery can be found at
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