Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Weekend Update

We went up to Heather's this weekend. She hadn't heard from the GM or any of the other players, so we more or less figured the game was off. Alas, but we were correct. I did get to meet another horse, though. His name is Gandalf, and he's an 18 month-old Appaloosa. He's white with dark brown spots surrounded by paler brown halos. He was having a pretty bad day -- he'd been picked up earlier in the day and taken to a new home; he somehow hurt his foot during the ride; his new owners kept poking and prodding him (tetanus shots and the like); and he got sprayed for flies, which he didn't like. He's still a good horse, though, and didn't seem to hold Donna's ministrations against her for long.

Heather's cat, Tigger, had to have surgery last week and had ripped out her stitches while still at the vet, so she now has a kitty cone around her neck. Andy says that there are few things more undignified (or indignant) than a cat wearing a cone. Poor Tigger can't clean herself off, and ten-month old Danielle was just having a ball with the collar. Luckily Heather managed to teach Danielle enough of the concept of "no" that she's no longer touching it. Anyway, the stitches come out later this week, so the poor thing should be much happier next time we see her.

Since none of the other gamers showed up we didn't have to worry about any clashes between various people. I do wish the GM would get in touch again, though -- we've only played one session, but the game was looking really neat. I hope he hasn't given up on it entirely, although it's beginning to look as if that might be the case. The last two games he hasn't even called to cancel.

Andy, Donna, Heather and I had a long talk or six again, but this time without a lot of the tension that was there last time. Andy had almost been ready not to go any more, but I think that since things were relatively tame he'll be less tentative next time. This weekend I'll be going to Rome to surprise my sister for her birthday, so Andy will get the alone time he's so desperately needed, and nearly five days' worth, at that. With any luck this'll give him enough time to recharge and get some decent rest. I wonder if being back in upstate NY will finally start making it sink in that Grandpa is gone. I've had some twinges, like when I've seen a neat plant and thought I'll have to ask him about it, only to remember that I can't.
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