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A long boring entry

This has been one of those weeks where a lot is getting done, but it seems like nothing is. As I try to summarize the past three days I feel like at least two of them could be summarized as "nothing happened", but it isn't really the case. The big event for Monday and Tuesday was the box which turned invisible. erish ordered some stuff, but they wanted to charge her an exorbitant amount to ship it to England. Instead she opted to send it to us, and we'd send it to her for finite amounts of money.

The box arrived on Monday. After accidentally opening it (Andy had forgotten to tell me it was coming) I went on a hunt for packing tape, which can also turn itself invisible on a regular basis. Then I went in to find a postage label, and when I returned, the box was gone. For two days I scoured the apartment, even looking in places it couldn't be (like the cookie jar), and going over every inch of the bloody 1060 sq ft. Finally on Tuesday Andy helped me look, and it finally opted to become visible again. It was on the dresser where I keep my mailing labels and such. Needless to say I kept a very close eye on the box between Tuesday evening and today when I dropped it off at the post office.

I'm afraid Thena may place an anonymous call to the ASPCA about us. Many years ago, due to allergies to mushrooms (and therefore cream of mushroom soup), I came up with an alternate version of tuna noodle casserole. I whisk together margarine and flour (nowadays corn starch due to my wheat allergy, but I digress) until the margarine has melted; then I whisk in milk and cook until it thickens, then I whisk in cheese and then the tuna. At this point I always fed the Foo (and now Gail) the spring water which I drained from the tuna, and their kitty lives were good. Unfortunately Thena long ago learned to associate the sound of the whisk with the appearance of tuna juice.

For dinner on Monday and Tuesday we had fettucine (read: corn spaghetti) Alfredo with chicken and broccoli mixed in. I make the Alfredo sauce by combining margarine and corn starch, whisking in milk, and then whisking in Parmesan cheese. As soon as the whisk hit the pan Thena was in the kitchen asking pointed questions about when her tuna juice would show up. She was not amused that it never did. Today I made cheese soup. I do so by whisking together margarine and corn starch, adding milk, then whisking in sharp cheddar, then stirring in some veggies which have been cooking on the side. Thena started where she left off on Monday, which means that by the time I finished making the soup she was using all kinds of language which she didn't learn in this household.

She was probably also a bit disgruntled because I wasn't home all day. After dropping Andy off for work I went to get the car re-inspected. Thanks to the quick trip to Sears and to callicrates' wizardry, the car passed. Then I decided to go get the oil changed. I was told it was going to take an hour and a half, but I'm familiar with Wal-Mart time (almost as perverse as airport time), so I got my hair cut, wandered around B&N, then took a nice long walk around Wal-Mart itself. Also, in case Tom is reading this, I did remember to get the STP added to the oil. Andy had asked me to go there for a shower curtain liner and some rechargeable batteries and I needed some stuff, so I got it all together. My impulse buy was two really nice oven mitts -- most of mine have been gifts, and while they're very pretty they're also very good at conducting heat. About three hours later the car was done and I called Andy. By then he was more than ready to come home, so I went directly to school to get him.

Well I love a rainy night
It's such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain
On my face
To taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow

--Eddie Rabbitt

Tonight I headed out to take my walk and noticed that it was raining. It's been drizzly all day with some harder rain. I decided to walk anyway since, despite what Thena might think at the moment, I don't melt when I come in contact with water. I wore a rain jacket, but it turned out that the parts under it ended up drenched in sweat. I don't know how a jacket with essentially no lining can be so bloody hot. I didn't see any kitties, possums, or bunnies -- they were all intelligent enough to stay inside. It's also been over a decade since I took lifesaving courses; I'd forgotten how very heavy water-logged clothes get. I did manage to make it up the three flights of steps to our apartment, though. It's sort of odd to think that in a month or two the absence of rain will be more of an issue than the presence thereof.

There hasn't been much of a job update -- as Andy has mentioned in past entries, we're in the paperwork stage. He was, however, sent the link to the company's moving policy, so we know what we have to work with. It looks like we may have to take the kitties in the car. It'll be easier than in the past since their are so many more pet-friendly hotels than there were even six years ago, but three cranky cats cooped up in a car... poor Andy. We have started figuring out packing logistics and acting on them, though. I hope we get more definite news from the potential employer sooner rather than later.
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