Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I thought today's entry might be record-breaking short (at least for me) since Andy had a doctor appointment and didn't go in to school. I just frittered away most of the day puttering around online and daydreaming or whatever. I had a surprise for Andy when he got home and he seemed to enjoy it, but other than that it was fairly bland.

Then Andy brought in the mail. One of the letters was from UNC Student Health, Dr. Vimmerstedt. Last week I mentioned having my blood taken for a standard test diabetics get called "Hemoglobin A1C", which measures blood sugar over three months. There are a lot of ways you can cheat and trick your daily blood sugar tests and, to some extent, yourself if you're in denial. As it was, I was expecting this one to be very bad.

Sometime after my last diabetes checkup our Nordic Track broke, and it was several weeks before we got a new one. For that time and, in fact, for most of the three months I was really piling on the self-destructive habits: eating as if I didn't have diabetes, not exercising, you name it. When we got the new Nordic Track I made a few efforts to get back into a pattern, but I just never did (Andy uses it for an hour a day). It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I snapped and started eating more sanely, and it wasn't until the middle to end of last week that I began walking on a daily (nightly) basis.

Normal people have HA1Cs in the range of 4.5 to 5.7; diabetics aim for 7. When I was first diagnosed mine was 10.6 and the first post-diagnosis one was 7.4. I had been very gung-ho about taking care of myself in the first three months, however, so I was expecting this one to be worse -- at least 7.5, probably closer to 8, maybe even 9. Instead, it was 6.8. I'm half expecting a phone call tomorrow saying she mixed up my results with someone else's, but she hand-wrote in my name and the score, plus added a note that this was ok for diabetics (she knows me and my fretting ways too well :}). I can't wait to see what happens now that I've gotten back on track with eating and exercise again.

Tonight's walk was late, hot, and went on for almost exactly 60 minutes, maybe one or two over. I saw a kitty who looked like Jewel and even started coming toward me, but when she got close and got a better look, she darted off. A man nearby said she was his brother's cat, so I resumed my walk. Luckily this was near the beginning, so it didn't throw off an established rhythm. No fireflies or bunnies tonight, but I heard a lot of chirping insects in the trees and saw a few moths. We can have some rain any time now.

My friend Heather is pregnant with a little brother or sister for her six year-old daughter, Regina. The way the baby had been growing they expected it to make an appearance earlier this week, but it's held out. Both Heather's dad and I were hoping the baby would come in August, if for vastly different reasons. I called Heather earlier today, and unless the she had one heck of a fast labor, it looks like Curtis and my hopes were granted. If she hasn't had the baby by Friday they intend to induce labor, though I think it might be neat to wait until Monday, which is Regina's birthday. Then again, I'm not the one pregnant during a blistering heat wave, so I'll just let Denny, Heather, and the doctors decide what's best.
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