Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The subject line refers to the last five words of the commencement address given by Dr. William H. Cosby at UNC Chapel Hill's spring '03 graduation. For the record, he entered wearing the traditional robe and a baseball cap with a tassel. Before the address he took off his robe, revealing a UNC sweatshirt. He was also the commencement speaker when Andy graduated from Northwestern, and from those two data sets I conjecture he doesn't recycle speeches. I also don't recall him disrobing at NWU. Dr. Cosby is not only very funny in real life, but he can even make a dead-serious point in a way which has people rolling on the floor. He also came by his first PhD (among approximately a zillion honorary PhDs) honestly -- he got his doctorate of education at Temple University.

The commencement itself wasn't bad. It was a bit drizzly, as has been the whole day, punctuated with bursts of rain. Afterward the CS department had their own ceremony. Unfortunately I missed most of Andy's advisor saying nice things about him because I got lost trying to find the ceremony. I should know better than to trust the words "You can't miss it". Anyway, I snapped a picture of them en-hooding him but for some reason it didn't come out very well. They had a bit of trouble with his hood so it looked more like an abduction or something. I did get good pictures of him with Dr. Brooks and with Dr. Manocha.

After the ceremony we came home and got into different clothes -- Andy for obvious reasons, and me because I'd spilled coffee on my blouse and some cad in a truck had splashed my skirt. Then we took off for South Point. Andy's dad, upon hearing the steel was showing on the tires, had advised us to forget the Wal-Mart warranty and go to Sears ASAP. We did so, and found out that the front tires were so bad due to a serious error in alignment. The back tires were still in perfect shape, so we only got the two fronts replaced. Sears was running a special whereby they give out an emergency kit if you spend more than X, which we accomplished.

I believe tonight will mostly be taking it easy. We had leftovers for dinner, and I have the eternal stack of laundry to tackle, but since I miscalculated dinners for this week I already have enough stuff for Monday and Tuesday, so I don't need to do a grocery run. We discovered that the small U-Haul boxes I bought for books are not small enough, so packing is off. Andy may win points for the most perverse method of packing a chess set -- he's thinking of getting a box for an extra-large pizza.
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