Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Busy Bunnies

I have to start taking my camera on walks again. Today as I walked outside the rental office on round six I saw a bunny on the sidewalk, but something looked odd. I began wondering if there might be a baby bunny, and then it started squirming in such a way that I realized it couldn't be just one. I'd been standing still but started walking again, and after a step or two the big bunny bounded off, and there were four tiny little bunnies in her wake. They stayed still for as long as I did, then scattered in 3 1/2 directions when I began walking again.

Andy finished FF IX tonight. I think this is one of my favorites; it was quite funny (didn't take itself too seriously) and had an actual ending. Many of the others have just seemed to taper off with no resolution, but this one had something definite. I wonder what he'll do now while we wait for X.2 to come out. Yuna is possibly my favorite FF character ever, so I'm glad she'll be figuring in another game.
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