Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday Andy did his Friday errand and today I did mine. That means Friday is all ours, save for a brief trip to school for Andy. After my errand we decided to go out to dinner, which means the leftovers we were going to have tonight can be our lunch tomorrow, so we'll really have the whole day. On the way out of South Point it was raining hard, so we ran through the rain like little children and got all wet. Luckily it had stopped raining in time for my walk, though I was showered every time I went under a tree. I saw the skittish bunny tonight, as usual hopping very quickly in the opposite direction as I was walking.

Yesterday's walk yielded a sadly meowing Cornelius on round one, and the silly bunny on rounds two through six. It was really bold last night. The area I usually see the bunnies in is a strip of grass, then a sidewalk, then a small copse of trees. Usually the bunnies are on the fringes of the treed area, but on rounds two through four it was in the grassy strip. Each time it let me get relatively close then loped lazily ahead of me, then stopped to see what I would do. When I kept approaching it would take off a second time, again not at all quickly, then turn and watch me until I walked by. The last two rounds it stayed near the trees, but didn't so much as twitch as I walked by. Silly bunny.

I remembered why I stopped using maltitol. For $16.00 plus nearly $5.00 shipping I got two pounds. In other sugar-free news, I saw an ad for sugar-free Hershey products yesterday, so today I tracked it down. They have out milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, dark chocolate, and peanut butter cups sweetened with lactitol, a relative of maltitol and sorbitol derived from milk, and sucralose. For those keeping track I am aware that I won't just be able to eat a whole bag of these with no ramifications, but I am still looking forward to trying them. I hope someplace local picks them up soon, since there doesn't seem to be a way to get them from the Hershey site.
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