Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday and today were both fairly quiet. We're still looking for the receipt/details of the extended tire plan we got from Wal-Mart when they replaced the tires. I had to go shopping again and discovered that Guilt Free&tm; ice cream is back. It's fat free and has no added sugar. It had disappeared about two weeks ago, much to our dismay. However in hindsight the sadness at thinking it was no longer carried was overruled. Not only did they have two new products (chocolate decadence and strawberry cheesecake sundaes), but they also no longer use Aspartame. Instead they use a mixture of maltitol, sorbitol, and sucralose, which is the only -ose which is ok for diabetics.

We found a solution to Andy's need for alone time. Pamela's birthday is May 31st, so I'm going to fly up on the 29th and surprise her. Plus I'll get to see her new house, yay! Also, I talked to Heather and it looks like Regina has a facial tic -- she'd been rolling her eyes uncontrollably, and of course we had been worried about what might be causing it.
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