Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Happy mother's day to all you moms reading this, even if your children are of the furry sort.

Getting turnberryknkn to the train station was an adventure. Mapquest was good to get us to the street Amtrak is on, and there were road signs... to a point. They suddenly stopped, with no indication of where to turn. There are also multiple stations (two different bus stations at least) plus the train, so there was guesswork involved. After some fun with one-way streets we guessed incorrectly, and had to run to the station. We got there at five til eleven for an eleven o'clock departure. The train was delayed by twenty minutes, though, so I was able to scamper over the tracks before it came. Jeff gave me a gorgeous yellow rose after we drove him to the florist. There are some lucky women in DC who'll be getting the rest, I wager.

Getting back into familiar territory was fairly easy, so soon we were on our way to Heather's. She hadn't called Friday as she usually does when there's not a game, so I lugged sour cream noodle bake, a salad, and a cake along. We got there at about 14:30 and no one was home. We'd left a message on Heather's machine telling her that we were on our way, but she'd left beforehand and was expecting us at our usual time (16:00 or so). Luckily we had her cell number and called that, and she got home quickly. Meanwhile her cat, Tigger, was looking all confused that we were there but not coming in to pet her.

Three of the other gamers showed up about when expected. There was a bit of an issue between the crowd-phobic one and Donna, so two of them left. The GM never called and also never showed. We got to have a nice long chat amongst ourselves and Andy and I were tired from staying up til all hours with Jeff, so it may've been better that the game didn't happen. I hope the GM hasn't given up for good.

The drive home was contemplative, with me falling asleep enough times that Andy threatened to make me take a nap when we got home. We had leftovers for dinner and I took half a walk. We spent some of together time figuring out how I might give Andy some alone time, since he's somewhat strung out and could use some decompression. Possibilities are going to Rome to see my sister's new house, going to Rome when they bury Grandpa's ashes, going to visit Heather (problem: I fall asleep at the wheel on long car rides alone), or checking into a hotel, possibly in Durham since Chapel Hill has some sort of law so that hotels here don't have swimming pools. I'll be trying to come up with more ideas in the next few days.
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