Cat (willowisp) wrote,

This is just a quick check-in. Not much worth reporting has happened. Andy still hasn't heard from the place in NM, though our apartment-complex-to-be faxed us some info today. It included the standard "which utilities you're responsible for" and how to contact them info, plus a move-in cost pro-rated from June 15th. Also, we may have finally had a breakthrough in the COBRA saga. Quick summary:

Andy stopped being a student in January. Although he's doing the work of a post-doc, due to administrivia he doesn't count as one, so we can no longer use student health and he had to switch from school insurance to COBRA. Although we've paid all of our COBRA bills, all of our claims have been denied, and they "have no record" of any of the prescription claims we've sent in.

Today someone finally confirmed that we've been paying our COBRA bills and resubmitted all of our doctor claims. Yesterday I express-mailed (with return receipt requested) all of our drug claims and it was received at 8:30 or so this morning. Hopefully soon the well-over-a-thousand figure they owe us will end up back in our hands.

Anyway, the cats are cute, is still entertaining, and I'm mapping out packing stuff and plan to start sometime next week. Hopefully we'll have heard one way or another by then.
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