Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I saw an opossum on my walk last night. I was actually thinking about the fireflies and wondering when I would start seeing them when I heard a rustling in the brush. I stopped, and out came the possum. It got clear out of the woods, then saw me. I must not have looked too dangerous, since it simply turned around and shambled back into the woods. I may need to start bringing my camera on walks again.

When I got back from my walk, Andy was looking at a diagram. It turned out to be a floor plan of the NM apartment which he'd printed out. During together time he and I tried to figure out how we'd set up at the new place. We decided, among other things, only to unpack two bookshelves' worth of books -- the rest will stay in storage until we move to the house. We'll each get to pick which books we want to fill one set of shelves. We'll also have a half-sized bookshelf in our room (instead of the three full-sized things we have now), and a small bookshelf near my computer area so I can put the stuff which invariably accumulates on my desk in that instead. We're probably going to leave behind the mini-dressers we got from Wal-Mart and use the solid wood dresser in the spare bedroom for us. It is a lot of fun to see Andy so excited about this.

Today Andy and I went to the Carolina for brunch for a very-delayed anniversary treat. In order to enjoy myself and not sabotage my blood sugar I decided to have a quarter of a waffle and then take half a walk when I got home. After the walk my blood sugar was the lowest it's been yet, and it has remained low throughout the afternoon, so apparently it worked. I've also started spreading out my metformin -- now if only I can remember to take it. After brunch we went to Lowe's to get a tape measure so Andy can better plan furniture arrangement.

This week should be fun, or rather the weekend should. turnberryknkn will be arriving at about 12:30 on Friday. We only get to keep him until 11 the next morning, but it'll be nice to see him for however long we have. Then we head over to Heather and Denny's, and hopefully the game (which has not occurred since before we went to London) will resume. I've volunteered to bring sour cream noodle bake; from Heather's reaction she remembers it now. I hope if I end up making a triple batch that the game will go up, though it won't be hard to deal with leftovers if it's just us.
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