Cat (willowisp) wrote,

And so another day has passed. As with most days, I was up well in time to feed the kitties and somewhat earlier than Andy. I ate lunch while he showered and exercised, then heated up his lunch after his second shower. We decided today that he'd go in after 5 so he could park, thus saving me from two round trips to campus.

While he was at school I made a batch of very adulterated chocolate chip cookies as a surprise. I used the Toll House recipe, but with margarine instead of butter, two different types of maltitol for the sugars, oat flour instead of wheat, additional xanthan gum, and Ener-G egg replacer for the eggs (if you are baking for someone allergic to eggs, be sure to ask beforehand if they're allergic to the yolks or the whites. If they're allergic to the whites, you need to use Ener-G or flax seeds -- all of the egg substitutes in the dairy aisle are made from egg whites, so will cause an allergic reaction to people who can't eat any part of an egg). Andy said it was a success, and I think he liked them better than the oatmeal cookies I made before Siggraph. The dough was easier to work with; I'm not sure if it was the xanthan gum or just the fact that oatmeal is a PITA to stir into already stiff batter.

For dinner we had chicken parmesan. Actually, Andy had chicken parmesan and I had chicken with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese. For the sauce I used three cloves of garlic which Andy liked better than the four I used last time. There was no basil in the apartment, so I couldn't try merlinofchaos's suggestion. It turns out that Andy likes the corn noodles, so I no longer have to make normal for him and corn for me.

I took my walk an hour-and-a-half late and either walked more slowly than usual or did an extra lap: it took 70 minutes. There was a breeze in the first lap which made things a bit nicer. I didn't see much by the way of wildlife beyond moths and other harmless insects. I think the drought may be doing one good thing -- no standing water, so very few mosquitos. Either that, or they don't like my flavor blood or something. I just hope that by noticing/mentioning this I don't suddenly become mosquito pincushion central in the coming days.
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